$ave The Day

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Posted on Apr 15, 2021 | 11:00am
In this week’s edition of $ave the Day, The Talk and lifestyle expert, Chi-Lan Lieu, have teamed up with MorningSave to share five fantastic products to help make life at home better from morning to night, with prices starting at just $15!

These fantastic items are available to The Talk viewers for up to 81% off, for a limited time and while supplies last at MorningSave.com!

Lomi Himalayan Salt Sunrise Alarm Clock
This clock wakes you up gently as the light inside gradually brightens, simulating a natural sunrise. The Himalayan salt rocks give off a warm glow and the clock features an LED display for time and indoor temperature. You can also use it as a nightlight or to create a calming atmosphere.

As High As: $50
$ave The Day Deal Price: $29
Discount: 42% Off

24-Pack: SpaLife Face Mask Assortment
This set includes three different types of masks—so you can choose what will work best for your skin each day. The Cleansing Lime mask helps to gently strip away excess dirt and oil, the Papaya mask is designed to brighten your complexion, and the Aloe mask helps to hydrate skin and soothe redness.

As High As: $60
$ave The Day Deal Price: $15
Discount: 75% Off

Kalorik 12 Quart Air Fryer Oven
This high-performance appliance cooks food quickly without pre-heating and it allows you to make all those delicious fried foods without any added oil. Unlike most air fryers, this one has a glass door so you can see your food as it cooks and the generous size means you can create large meals for the whole family. 

As High As: $180
$ave The Day Deal Price: $89
Discount: 51% Off

Kathy Ireland Cool Comfort 4-Piece Sheet Set
These soft, wrinkle-resistant sheets are made from ultra-fine microfiber. They feature moisture-absorbing “Cool Max” fabric, which is designed to help keep you cool and dry all night long. Available in Queen & King sizes and six different colors.

As High As: $99-109
$ave The Day Deal Price: $39
Discount: Up to 64% Off

2-Pack: Mophie 10,000mAh 3-Amp USB-C Power Banks
This power station allows you to charge two devices at once, giving you up to 36 hours of battery life. It features an LED indicator light so you always know how much power it has left and the compact design makes it easy to take with you on the go. Available in four colors. 

As High As: $100
$ave The Day Deal Price: $19
Discount: 81% Off

Take advantage of all these great deals today at www.morningsave.com.  

DISCLAIMER: These special deals are brought to you by a 3rd party vendor, Checkout.org. None of these products are manufactured or endorsed by CBS or The Talk. All products are shipped by Checkout.org and all inquiries regarding these products or your order should be directed to MorningSave at https://morningsave.com/support or email support@morningsave.com.  

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