Redo You: Fitness with Gunnar Peterson

Posted on Jul 25, 2012 | 10:45am

These are the exercises that Gunnar Peterson showed the ladies of THE TALK.:

Exercise 1: Lying Woodchop
Equipment –Watermelon
Reps: Depends on the workout 10-15
Lying on the ground, hold the melon back by one ear, bring it up and across the body in a chopping motion.

Exercise 2: Superman
Equipment - None
Reps: Depends on the workout 8-15
Lay on the floor with your hands and feet extended out.  Raise everything off the ground as much as you can.

Exercise 3: Sumo Squat
Equipment –Watermelon
Reps: Depends on the workout 10-20 reps
Step out legs apart, hand the melon at arm's length. Sink down and bend, and drive up through your heels.

Exercise 4: Squat to Monkey Row
Equipment –Bag of potatoes
Reps: Depends on the workout 10-20
Arms hang down at your sides with your soup cans/bag of potatoes in hand. Squat down, as you come up, bring yours elbows up and hands in your underarms.

Exercise 5: Skater's Lunge with Kickback
Equipment – Dumbbells
Reps: Depends on the workout 10-20 reps
Put dumbbells cocked to chest, as if you are skating, lunge leg out to the side and bring the dumbbells to the sides as far back as you can get them.

Exercise 6: Rear Lunge to Front Kick
Equipment - None
Reps: Depends on the workout e.g. 10-15
Put your hands on your hips, lunge back to you knee and kick forward like a Rockette.