40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

Check out behind the scenes photos from inside the Daytime Emmy Awards!
Ladies with Kathy

1. Ladies with Kathy

The ladies and Kathy Griffin backstage!
The Talk at the Emmys

2. The Talk at the Emmys

The ladies having fun at the daytime emmys.
Julie and Heather Tom

3. Julie and Heather Tom

Julie talks with B&B's Heather Tom about her Emmy win!
Red Carpet

4. Red Carpet

The ladies hit the red carpet!
Kathy and Sharon

5. Kathy and Sharon

Kathy Griffin and Sharon Osbourne on Red Carpet!
Julie Chen

6. Julie Chen

Julie Chen on red carpet.

7. Aisha

Aisha Tyler on the red carpet.

8. Sarah

Sarah Gilbert on the red carpet.

9. Sheryl

Sheryl Underwood on the red carpet.