8 Things You Didn't Know About This Week's Guests

Foot fetish

1. Foot fetish

Apparently there is an entire fandom dedicated to Elizabeth Banks' feet. This, however, was news to her! Banks said, "I mean, I have okay feet, you know, they're cute" and proceeded to show them off to the ladies!
Hard work pays off

2. Hard work pays off

When asked about her role in "Hostage" alongside her father, Bruce Willis, Rumer Willis tells the ladies that she was not handed the role. In fact, she had to audition just like everyone else! She says, "I mean my parents have always been great about that and have really instilled a lot of earner-ship which I really appreciate because that's really hard to do." She went on to say that her father helped her run lines for the audition and as it turned out the director loved her for the role and she got the part!
One actor took the saying 'break a leg' too literally

3. One actor took the saying 'break a leg' too literally

Jeremy Piven shared that while filming the "Entourage" movie his co-star, Kevin Connolly, broke his leg. He said "He played through, he was such a trooper. He literally was doing scenes with a broken leg and miraculously we made it through, and here we are."
The human sling-shot

4. The human sling-shot

While discussing his show "Bullseye," Kellan Lutz tells the ladies that he was injured doing a stunt and had to get 5 staples in the back of his head. This, however, has not deterred him because he still loves doing stunts!
Stay in school

5. Stay in school

Sheppard was born out of a school assignment! Amy Sheppard told the ladies that she had left an assignment to the last minute and asked her brother for help harmonizing. She was impressed by his singing ability and the two began writing and recording music together. Amy says, "And then it just grew and grew and grew and now we're here in the United States!" The Australian indie pop band is comprised of the 3 Sheppard siblings Amy, George and Emma and bandmates Michael Butler, Jason Bovino and Dean Gordon.
The role that got away

6. The role that got away

When the hosts and guest co-host Melissa Rivers sat down to chat with Connie Britton, they discussed her early career and one particular role that got away. Britton described the process of how the movie was coming together, from getting the script and reading in front of the director and producer of the film to other lead roles being cast (Tom Cruise). She told the ladies, "I did a screen test and it was me and one other person and that other person was Rene Zellweger!" Rene Zellweger got the role, we'll let you guess what the movie was!
Watch out ladies

7. Watch out ladies

Robert Duvall reminisced with the hosts and guest co-host Carnie Wilson about when he was roommates with Dustin Hoffman in New York City. When asked who was better with the ladies back then, Duvall answered that Hoffman did very well saying, "He did better with the ladies, pre-stardom, even better than Joe Namath I thought." He went on to tell a hilarious story of one particular time that he came home to see a naked woman standing on a table because Hoffman had convinced her he was an artist!
Never give up

8. Never give up

Shane West tells the ladies about a time that he "crashed" a friend's audition by lying about being told to be there by his agent. He said, "It caused such a racket that the director came out of the room and said, 'We'll see him anyway.'" When he went home he found out that he got the role!