The Talk Halloween Lip Sync Showdown

Mrs. O or Sia?

1. Mrs. O or Sia?

Sharon Osbourne took the stage as Australian singer-songwriter Sia. She had us totally fooled as she donned Sia's trademark blonde bob wig. 
Work it!

2. Work it!

Julie Chen proved she really can do it all! Chen left it all on the dance floor as she performed Madonna's 1989 classic hit song, "Express Yourself."
She's our lady

3. She's our lady

Sara Gilbert laid it all out as Canadian power ballad queen Celine Dion. Gilbert performed Dion's 1993 hit, "The Power of Love."
Put a ring on it

4. Put a ring on it

Aisha Tyler flawlessly took the stage as none other than Queen Bey herself. Tyler blew us away with her performance of Beyoncé's certified quadruple-platinum hit "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)."
The godmother of soul

5. The godmother of soul

Sheryl Underwood emulated "The Godfather of Soul" as she performed James Brown's 1985 chart-topping R&B single, “Living in America.”

6. Epicness

A big thank you to singer and television host Joey Fatone, who joined The Talk’s Halloween singing showdown as a special guest host.

7. Uh-oh!

Aisha Tyler was on point.

8. Fierce

Aisha Tyler and her two fabulous dancers.
The founding mother of funk

9. The founding mother of funk

Sheryl Underwood funked it up as she embodied James Brown.

10. #SquadGoals

If this isn't the ultimate A-team, we don't know what is!
Belting it out

11. Belting it out

Sara Gilbert was absolutely fabulous as Celine Dion. 
I'm gonna swing from the chandelier

12. I'm gonna swing from the chandelier

Mrs. O and her two fantasic dancers Ashleigh Ross and Lexee Smith.

13. Beauty

Sara Gilbert in hair and makeup as she transformed into the magnificent Celine Dion.
Team Sharon

14. Team Sharon

Sharon Osbourne and the fantastic dancers who helped perfect her authentic performance.
Julie Chen or Madonna?

15. Julie Chen or Madonna?

Julie Chen almost had us fooled! She looked almost unrecognizeable as Madonna.
Feel the funk

16. Feel the funk

The hilarious Sheryl Underwood truly owned her performance without breaking character once.

17. Flawless

Who wouldn't want to put a ring on that finger? 
Crowning a winner

18. Crowning a winner

All the hosts totally killed their performances.

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