Talk Takeaway: Fashion with Lloyd Boston

Posted on Nov 6, 2012 10:25am

America's favorite "Style Guy" and author of "The Style Checklist: The Ultimate Wardrobe Essentials for You," Lloyd Boston joins our "Talk Takeaway" to show us the 5 Classic Wardrobe Accessories That Every Woman Should Own.

Flesh-toned shoes are great in every woman's wardrobe because they visually elongate the leg. When purchasing them, keep in mind that everyone's nude tone is different. Take the time to find your perfect match so that it almost disappears on the skin. As with finding the perfect makeup foundation, check your shoes in natural light.  You also want to look for modern details to keep this classic fresh, such as metallic accents or finishes, exotic faux skins, or sculpted shapes. Aside from elongating your legs, flesh-toned shoes are perfect for travel because they will complement a wide range of clothing colors, prints, and patterns, so you can pack much fewer shoes. They're perfect for the woman on the go.

Many women try to pass off their 9-to-5 handbag to evening events, losing major style points! An "unexpected" evening bag or clutch should tell its own visual story with a unique color, texture, or pattern.  Matching it to your clothes and/or shoes can actually age your appearance. When shopping for an evening bag, take into consideration that minaudière, envelopes, and clamshell styles are classic designs, which will stand the test of time. Try not to overstuff your evening bag with too many items to avoid unsightly lumps and bumps.  Only carrying the essentials keeps the bag smooth, elegant and clean in appearance.

Out-dated evening wraps or shawls can instantly add years to your look, if you are not careful when choosing new versions, or editing your closet. Shrugs, capelettes, and long scarves are youthful substitutes to the expected and dated pashminas, piano shawls, and tapestry wraps. You can instantly update your existing wraps by having a tailor or dry cleaner remove any fringe or tassels. Abstract prints, shimmer finishes, and bold 'pop' colors stand alone, and can work against almost any neutral or solid.

A collection of belts, both wide and thin, bring shape and retro elegance to everything from dresses and blazers, to caftans and simple button downs. Thin belts hark back to both the 1940's and the 1970's.  Wearing them on your smallest point is the trick (even if not your natural waist). Wide belts can help to taper the look of a thicker waistline - creating a more hourglass figure.  For the not so perfect waist, both wide and thin belts can be purchased a size or two larger and worn loose - from high to low hip.

Strands of pearls are one of the most timeless and elegant accessories in a woman's wardrobe. A single strand is sweet.  Two strands are chic.  Three or more is modern! Different color faux pearls worn together add interest to the look.  Mix whites, creams, and soft grays with confidence. Today's pearls are designed incorporating pronounced metals and chain-work to add a more modern edge.

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