Talk Blog: Linda Perry of 'Peachhead'

Posted on Nov 13, 2012 10:45am

Linda Perry, an influential blogger of Peachhead,  joins The Talk today and will be live tweeting throughout the show!

What started out as a support group for the 15 moms Linda met at a Mommy and Me group has evolved into "Peachhead"--a popular online parenting community site of over 13,000 families, based in Los Angeles. Parents join Peachhead Familes to participate in conversations offering support and advice in all aspects of family life, ranging from raising your kids to running your household.  Not only do the parents talk online, but they have in person get togthers offline as well, including Book Clubs and Moms Nights Out. When Los Angeles parents need an answer, they don't just Google it--they "Peachhead" it.

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