Talk Takeaway: Design with Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Posted on Nov 21, 2012 10:45am

Interior Designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard is here to show us Thanksgiving decor.


Framed photos of guests: Whether you're having a large dinner party or inviting immediate family for Thanksgiving dinner, it's great to use framed photos of your guests as place cards to make them feel special. For years, we've seen place cards with our name on it; we've seen it in weddings and dinner parties… But we need to think outside the box. Framed photos of your friends are inexpensive yet chic.  Print out 4X6 photos of your guests and put it in picture frames. Use it as place cards for assigned seating.


Fruit arrangement: When you think of autumn, you don't think of flowers. So it may seem odd to have flowers as your table centerpiece. I think seasonal fruits are a great alternative to add color! Gather a large arrangement of pomegranates, oranges, red and green grapes and also small (white and orange) pumpkins and squash. Group these colored fruits together for a beautiful statement.

Gold and silver tumble leaves: Bring autumn into your home with fallen tumble leaves. Spray paint the leaves gold and silver to create something beautiful. It also adds a moment of glamour.

Table cloth and table runner: Pick colors that brighten the room. Use different jewel tones on your table cloth and table runner. Colors like purple, blue, and cream add elegance to the room. This is the first thing you put on your table... It's the foundation of the table too!


Small dog statues: Take your collectibles and personal items you already own and bring them to the dinner table. We all know how much Sharon loves dogs! For this dinner table, we used little dog statuettes as a cute and quirky play on the things she loves. At your Thanksgiving table, pick one or two collectables you love and highlight that. If you love seashells, incorporate that onto your table… It's very easy to decorate with things you love and already own.


Mercury glass vases: Sharon owns plenty of mercury glass vases everywhere in her house. They're beautiful and shiny. If you have great shiny items lying around, bring those shiny items to the dining table. They are festive and fabulous.

Silver placemats: Many people need to realize that placemats are an important part of a dinner table décor. They frame your dinner plates and add pizazz. A pop of shine on placemats can go a long way. They're affordable and classy.

Mismatched shiny silverware: We all have used silverware that's been lying around our kitchen through the years. Some pieces are missing and that's okay! Shiny mismatched silverware is on trend. You don't have to go out and buy new silverware. Use shiny silverware of different sizes and different colors to bring out elements of the table. It's a unique and an interesting way to show off your table.

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