Talk Takeaway: Fitness with Shaun T

Posted on Nov 28, 2012 10:45am

Check out Shaun T's moves to burn off Thanksgiving calories.

Oblique Knee and Floor Sprints
Sweet potato casserole is a Thanksgiving favorite. But it's also a diet killer because it is heavily loaded in fat and can be up to 430 calories per serving. In order to burn off the sweet potato casserole you enjoyed over Thanksgiving you need to do a full body workout. We're going to do oblique knee and floor sprints. You're going to start in the plank position. Bring your right knee to your right elbow.  Then bring your left knee to your left elbow.  Alternate four times. Go into mountain climbers four times each. Do this work out for 40 minutes. You'll feel this in every part of your body.  It's a full body work out that works the upper and lower body.  

Ski Hop Hurdles
We all love our biscuits but we all hate what carbs. Two biscuits rack in 480 calories.  The ski hop hurdle is a great way to burn off the calories from the two butter biscuits that you ate last week.  Hop left to right then right to left.  Do this four times.  As soon as you are done with the hops, you are going to take your left knee to your core and switch your right knee to your core.  Do this for 30-40 minutes and you'll burn off those biscuits.  This is a great work out for your lower body.  

High Knee Tap Jabs
Next we're going to burn off the mashed potatoes. A cup of mashed potatoes is 377 calories per serving. The high knee taps jabs are another compound move. Bring your right knee up to your chest then bring your left knee to your chest.  Do this four times and then squat low and do simple jabs. Punch with your right arm and alternate punch with your left arm. This move is going to burn fat and works your abs, arms and legs.  

Two and Two Push-up Jacks
We all spent Thanksgiving eating turkey with gravy. But now we want to burn off the 482 calories. The best way to do that is to utilize the protein in the turkey. The two and two push-up jack is a compound move and high impact. We're going to start with two jumping jacks and then move down into two push-ups. If you can do this for 25 to 35 minutes, you can burn off the calories from your Thanksgiving turkey and gravy. This move will work your triceps, shoulders and chest.

Rotational Jumps
Stuffing is another Thanksgiving favorite, but at 320 calories per serving it will put a dent in your diet. The move you should do to burn off all the calories is doing rotational jumps. You squat down and with every jump; you twist your body from left to right then right to left. To increase the intensity of this, touch the floor every time you land into the squat position. This move works your core, legs, and quads.

Standing Crunch Squats
Pumpkin pie with whipped cream is a Thanksgiving dessert staple. But at 530 calories a slice, it's a treat best eaten only once in a while. Standing crunch squats is the best exercise to get rid of those calories. You're going to stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder length. Bring your right knee to your chest then alternate left knee to your chest.  Move into two power squats while bringing both arms directly in front you. Repeat this for 40 minutes and it really works your lower body and your abs.

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