Talk Takeaway: Design with Nate Berkus

Posted on Dec 17, 2012 10:45am

Celebrated interior designer, Nate Berkus joins our "Talk Takeaway" to show us simple ways to prepare your guest room for your holiday visitors. He is the author of the new coffee table book, "The Things That Matter." To learn more about Nate Berkus and his projects click here!

Guest Room Checklist

  • Make sure your guest room is stocked. Look into having a carafe with water on the side table, maybe a book on the night stand that you think they would enjoy. Also, pre-set the DVR to shows you know they love and watch at home.
  • Clean or new sheets are a must along with a fresh stack of towels.
  • Include thoughtful items they might have forgotten like cell phone chargers or a sewing kit.
  • Make sure you have good hangers in the closet and that it's empty for your guests.
  • Candles in hurricanes are great but only use scented candles if you know that your guest has a favorite scent or type of candle.  Otherwise always assume that unscented candles are best.
  • Put a picture of you and the guest from a fun trip or previous holiday in a beautiful frame. It's so special to know that you're included in someone's home. And it's very welcoming.
  • Details are so important in the bathroom. You want to make your guests feel like they are being pampered so include luxurious touches like hand cream, shower gels and shampoo.  
  • Fill a basket with fresh hand towels, and make sure there is a holder with a new tooth brush, jar filled with cotton pads etc.
  • Clear a shelf in the medicine cabinet so your guest has a place to put their other toiletries
  • Include fresh flowers in the bathroom. It will really make your guest feel taken care of.

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