Talk Takeaway: Design with Kristan Cunningham

Posted on Dec 19, 2012 10:45am

Lifestyle expert Kristan Cunningham shows us fun holiday décor.

Decorate your doorway with vintage items.

Vintage basket hanging on door: During the holidays, the wreath is traditional décor hung on the front door. Yes, it is lovely but we need to think outside the box. We need to use vintage items as holiday décor. This fishing basket is a new spin on the traditional wreath. We can use different boxes and baskets and put various plants and flowers inside. We can change out the plants from the holiday to the New Year.  

Vintage sleigh: Using a vintage sleigh adds a classic touch and character. I love the idea of having objects that can be used in and out of your home. Using indoor furniture and accessories and placing them outdoors is a nice way to add a touch of charm outside.  

Combine modern accessories with timeless pieces.
Green garland with chains: Use simple fresh greens and pine cones around the fireplace mantel to create a "landscape." This is a timeless. You can make the garland more interesting by adding chains which is very modern. Make sure you get chains that are different sizes for interesting swag and depth. Marrying the two will complement each other making it a great holiday décor.  

NOTE: Sheryl and Sara will be hanging chains on the fireplace mantel.  After talking points, Julie, Aisha, Sheryl, Sara, and Kristan will walk to the console.  

Feature similar design elements together.
Vintage trays hung on wall: You will create a fabulous focal point in a room, if you hang these silver trays together.  I'm highlighting these beautiful trays and making them a fabulous collection. Ladies, you know I love tarnished silver pieces! So many people have "family silver" that they've inherited just sitting in cabinets, and most people think you have to polish them to use them. Celebrate the patina and put those trays to work.  If you add candles to this table, the vintage trays will reflect candle light.

Different sized cloches (glass domes) on table: Bring in several different sized cloches together to create varying heights and some reflective quality. Collecting three cloches (like these) keep the décor simple and classy. Under these cloches, we've placed a gift, cotton branches, and a vintage clock. The cloches will highlight what's inside, making them feel more special and grand. The clock resonates the idea of time for New Year's Day. Let's pick up these flutes and toast to the holidays!  

Decorating the Christmas tree.
Decorating the Christmas tree is a long standing tradition for many families during the holidays. Start hanging ornaments from the inside out. Tuck inexpensive ornaments in neutral tones into the tree to reflect light and fill out the overall shape. These neutral ornaments serve as a backdrop to the better and more special ornaments that you and your family have collected through the years (the special ornaments should be more visible). On the outer branches, start to hang ornaments by type and making one lap around the tree of each type. Use heavier ornaments on the tips of the branches to balance out your decorations. This will ensure that you get an even distribution of each type of ornament on all sides of the tree. You can also use artificial pine needle garlands to fill out those pesky "holes" in your tree so that it looks full and lush.

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