Talk Takeaway: Fashion with Sam Saboura

Posted on Dec 20, 2012 10:45am


Style Expert Sam Saboura joins our Talk Takeaway to show us how we can dress to impress for every holiday party. You can follow Sam on Twitter: @samstyles or on Facebook.


Sparkle and shine are always in for the holidays. For evening, I like deep rich tones that suit the more gothic palette of the season. Try black, navy, pewter, oxblood, hunter, and plum.

Wearing shine during the day is perfectly on trend and is a fun way to break the rules. Casual separates are the best way to play with this trend, so avoid head to toe sparkle. You should choose a softer palette for day like silver, cream, champagne, blush and light gold.

The best outfits have a mix of interesting textures, so try some of these on trend items to enhance your party style. Sleek leather, coated or lacquered lace and faux fur are fun statements for the holiday. They'll keep your holiday looks urban, edgy and cool.

Oxblood red and Hunter green are huge trend colors this season and at the end of the day, they're just the classic holiday colors with a deep new twist. Try to incorporate these key colors into your party looks.

Rich and regal, this year's Baroque looks are perfectly suited for the holidays. Embroidery, flocked prints, velvet, gold and tons of drama can all kick your look up a notch while keeping your perfectly on trend.

Animal prints are perfect for the holiday because they add a chic sophistication to any look plus they're a major trend this season. I love a dash of sexy leopard print especially when teamed with holiday red. Animal prints are everywhere from shoes and bags to dresses and toppers so you can play it safe with accessories, or go for broke with a bold statement piece.


Holiday Brunch with the Girls
Your daytime holiday looks shouldn't have to be basic and boring with a poinsettia pin thrown on for good measure. Dressing up to hang out with your girlfriends is a great opportunity to have fun with your holiday style.

Go for color and print!

Color has lots of energy and is perfect for a daytime brunch. You can play with bold colorful accessories like shoes, jewelry and bags or you can choose a colorful head to toe look.

Prints add the perfect amount of style to day dressing, plus they're a great way to camouflage any bumps and bulges and extra weight you may have put on during the holidays.

Accessories are key for a put together daytime look. Try some bold jewelry, a textured bag and a playful shoe. Dressing for the girls is fun because they'll notice and appreciate all your effort and they're a great audience for that hot new dress!

Layers like jackets and cardigans are outfit completers and they add an extra level to your daytime holiday looks. If you choose a simple dress or separates, a bold layer in a print, texture or color can take things to the next level.

Office Party
Your look should be work appropriate with a dash of dressy holiday flair.

You can show some skin but don't get carried away with cleavage; this is not the time or place to be sexy.

The look should show some of your off duty-style and be classy chic. Subtle details that nod to the holidays are great but keep your company's dress code in mind when making your choice. If your workplace is buttoned up and conservative then your party attire should be too. If things are more loose, then you have some more wiggle room, but remember work is still work.

Looking to your superiors for what's right is always a good choice. If they wouldn't wear it you shouldn't either.

Your shoes and bag should be subtle and not too garish and your hair and makeup should be at the same level that you'd wear on a first date, pretty but not over the top.

Choose darker tones for your dress or outfit that nod to work colors. Black, navy, cream and grey are always great choices and if you love to wear color, go for rich jewel tones or deeper shades likes oxblood and hunter which feel professional and dressy at the same time.

Classic Cocktail Party
A good cocktail dress should be based on your secret weapon dress. The shape and style that always works on your body-type and makes you feel confident no matter what.
It should be able to take multiple wears and it should be simple enough to change as your accessories change. That said it should NOT be boring. The little black dress is a default and it's the least exciting thing you can wear.

The holidays are a time to step out of the box and play with your style. It's fun to buy a new party dress and add some new energy into your wardrobe. Choose something special that stands out from the everyday fabrics in your closet.

New Year's Eve
This should be the dressiest and most playful look of the party season. You should step out of the box a bit and have some fun with your outfit. NYE is not for the faint of heart so let your glamorous side come out and play for the night!

Jackets or knits with embellishment are an easy add on and can transform any outfit in a snap.

I love sparkle and shine for NYE and a dash of sequins goes a long way. Metallic sequins look great as long as the tones are deep and rich. Black, navy, bronze, copper, platinum and dark gold are perfect for evening and look more expensive than bright metallics; plus, they're much easier to wear across all skin tones.

If you're not a big risk taker, wearing sequins as separates is a great place to start. Try a sparkly skirt, top or blazer and pair it with something solid and simple like a beautiful knit. If you're bold go for all over sequins looks but keep the look tonal.

Scaredy cats can play with embellished scarves, bags, belts and shoes for an easy shot of fun.

Entertaining at Home
A house party look should be comfortable and approachable but still maintain some dressy glamour. Most of the time you should be dressy without being overdressed and fussy. When it comes to the level of dressiness, your hostess is always a good indicator.
Find out what she will be wearing and follow suit.

I like the idea of light layers for at home entertaining. A simple "cardi" that you can add and subtract from your look is an excellent choice, it makes your look feel more complete and will keep you cozy as the night goes on.

If you're hosting the party, choose a comfortable shoe that will help you make it thru the night in style. If you have a few sizes in your closet go for the bigger size. Your feet naturally swell as the day goes on and you'll be on your feet a lot. You'll thank me in the morning.

Darker colors and prints are always a plus because they can handle accidental spills.

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