Talk Takeaway: Fitness with Angela Parker

Posted on Jan 2, 2013 11:45am

Angela Parker will show us a variety of exercises that we can do with a workout buddy:
Partner Wheelbarrow
For this exercise, your partner is going to get down on all fours, like you were doing a push-up. The other
person will then left up their legs by the ankles. The partner doing the push-ups will do four push-ups
before "walking" forward using their arms in three steps. Then repeat with four push-ups. You and your
partner can switch off. This will work your biceps and triceps.
Jump Squat with Cable
Take two resistance bands and each person holds on opposite ends. Standing wide apart you're going
to doing jumping squats. As you come up from your squat, you're going to pull the band towards you
causing resistance from your partners end. Because you're also incorporating squats, this works out your
legs, core and arms.
Crunch with Ball Throw
For this move, you're going to get on the ground, with your partner lie opposite one another. Bring your
legs up as if you were doing a sit-up. With the weighted ball, each time you come up from your sit-up, you
will lightly throw the ball to your partner. This move is going to work out that core, stomach area, and it
also works coordination.
Partner Cable Pulls
Using resistance bands you will stand next to your partner. Using your outside arm, each person will hold
an end and pull away from one another. This will work out your core, because you're slightly twisting as
well as your arms.
Partner Plank High-Five
For this move, get into a plank position facing your partner. Holding the plank position, you're going to
give your partner continuous high-fives. This is all about the core muscles. We're really getting a workout
with this move.

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