Talk Takeaway: Organization with Justin Klosky

Posted on Jan 11, 2013 10:45am

In today's Talk Takeaway, master organizer Justin Klosky showed us how to get fit by being organized. Here are his tips.

Talk Takeaway: Organization with Justin Klosky

Set daily reminders.
Make sure that if you are making a commitment to exercise and get in shape in 2013, that you are treating this commitment as you would appointments and meetings in your work life. For this reason, set appointments on your calendar to exercise! Block out specific times in your day or night that should not be canceled for any circumstance. You can organize your routine by setting specific goals and workouts to accomplish each week. For example Monday can be a cardio day, Tuesday can be a legs and back day, Wednesday can be a day off, Thursday can be back and biceps, and Friday is chest and triceps. Most importantly make sure you can visually see these commitments. Either use a wall calendar which we have here OR set reminders on your smart phone calendar to pop up each day.

Keep a packed gym bag available.
Have a packed gym bag before you leave the house and make sure it's living in your car or office. When you want to exercise, you have no excuse to miss the gym if you are organized and ready to go. The gym bag should have a complete exercise wardrobe, gym shoes, and toiletry kit unless your gym supplies those necessities. You can even keep an extra pair of headphones in it so you never workout without your inspirational playlist. You never leave for work without your coffee or work bag, don't leave without your gym bag if you are making a resolution to lose weight. But, don't forget that when you use it, you have to go home and discipline yourself to replenish it.

Prepare healthy snacks.
Unless you have a clean, organized and easy solution for keeping food fresh you will never be on the path to eating healthy and staying in shape. Buying all new food storage containers and getting rid of the old will jump start your disciplined routine. Make sure you use the food storage containers to prep and store food ahead of time which will make eating healthy more efficient in your day. Put healthy foods like almonds, celery, and oranges into containers at the beginning of each week so you don't gravitate toward the unhealthy choices.

Create a vision board.
Visually seeing a picture with your goal will help you accomplish that goal. It is much easier to attain this goal by reminding yourself everyday by LOOKING at it. Set a goal and then take ACTION on that goal. Put up pictures that will motivate you to get fit... Here we have pictures of sneakers, healthy foods, exercise equipment, and even the body you want to achieve. You can then add inspirational quotes into your vision board pushing you to achieve that goal.

Move healthy foods to eye level.
Shift your focus from the things that taste great but are unhealthy by moving healthier choices to eye level and prime locations.  I suggest moving all the unhealthy foods all the way to the back.  If you are ready to get fit, just THROW it all away in the trash can.  Replace those unhealthy foods with HEALTHY foods to your eye level in your pantry such as almonds, walnuts, kale chips, soups, tuna fish, and brown rice.  This is also a great time to pull out anything you haven't eaten or is already expired.

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