Talk Takeaway: Fashion with Sam Saboura

Posted on Feb 18, 2013 10:45am

On today's show, celebrity stylist and host of TLC's new bridal show, "Something Borrowed, Something New," Sam Saboura, shared how everyday products can solve some of the most common wardrobe dilemmas.  

Baby Powder

  • An easy way to prevent stains and yellowing on the collar and underarms of your favorite shirt is to use baby powder and an iron.  Sprinkle a little baby powder on the shirt's underarms and collar, then iron it in to prevent sweat stains on white and lighter colored shirting. The powder forms a barrier that keeps oil and grime from seeping into the fabric and helps to keep you dry as well!
  • Baby Powder is also excellent for removing oil stains on clothing, even stains that have already set in from the past. Sprinkle a sizable pile of baby powder over the oil stain and then leave it to sit overnight. Several hours later, brush away excess powder, then launder the garment as usual.  The powder will absorb the oil from the fabric and your garment will be refreshed and back to new!

Clear Nail Polish

  • If a button on your shirt is about to come loose as you're walking out the door for work and you have no time, or the skills, to sew it back on, dab some clear nail polish over the loose thread on top of the button and let dry. You're set for the rest of the day and beyond.  You can also use this trick on any shirt that gets a lot of heat and dry time in the dryer. The more your dry your shirts the more wear on the buttons and their threads. A dab of clear nail polish is great way to keep them in check until you find the time to reinforce them later. You can choose shiny or matte clear polish depending on your buttons. When you're ready to take them in for repair, a dab of nail polish remover with get you back to where you started!
  • There is nothing more frustrating than a loose or striped screw on your favorite pair of sunglasses or eyewear. You can easily fix loose eyeglass screws with a dab of clear nail polish. The dried polish will keep a loose eyeglass screw in line and save the day until you're ready to visit an optical shop for repairs. Simply tighten the screw as much as possible, then dab a drop of clear polish over the top for a quick eyewear fix.

Baby Oil

  • Chances are every woman has knotted or tangled her delicate chains or necklaces by storing them improperly. The best way to untangle them is with a few drops of baby oil.  Put a few drops on the knot or tangle and then carefully work them open with two safety pins or needles!  The oil lubricates the tangle and eases friction, and the pins give you a fine point that helps to work out the knots! This is a great project for your husband or the kids.
  • Try using small re-sealable vitamin pouches from your local drug store to store your necklaces next time and avoid the tangles. Just leave a bit of the chain outside the bag and zip it shut!

Flat iron

  • If you're on the go and don't have time to bust out the iron and ironing board for a quick touch up on your favorite shirt, try using your hair flat iron instead. Just make sure you start with a clean iron and wipe away any excess hair product that might have dried or stuck to the plates of the iron. Heat your flat iron as usual and run it along the placket of your shirt, the collar or anywhere you need a quick pressing.  You'll be polished and perfect in a snap!


  • If you accidentally get a streak of pen mark on your clothes and are worried you won't be able to get it out in the wash, don't sweat it and grab a can of hairspray! Spray the pen mark with a constant stream of hairspray and watch the ink lift off the fabric and into the hairspray puddle. Dab the excess liquid away and launder as usual.
  • Hairspray is also great to reduce static cling on skirts and dresses when you're in a bind. A light spray under your garment will do the trick!

Baby Shampoo/Conditioner

  • If your favorite sweater has shrunk or lost its shape over time but you're still not ready to part with it. You can stretch and reshape it by hand washing with a couple tablespoons of baby shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner is gentle on the fabric and it relaxes the fibers allowing you to work the sweater back into shape when damp. Dry it on a drying rack or on a clean towel and your sweater will not only be refreshed but it will fit perfectly again!
  • I also love to hand wash all my cashmere instead of dry-cleaning it. Most people don't know that dry cleaning chemicals can strip the wool of its natural oils and lanolin.  Hand washing your cashmere in baby shampoo or baby detergent is an easy way to refresh it and keep it clean. It also ends up fluffy and soft like the day you first bought it and makes it smells great too! Plus you save a ton of money on dry cleaning bills in the process.
  • PS: You can also wash most down comforters and pillows in the machine! Betcha didn't know that…

Not so white jeans

  • When your favorite spring/summer white jeans from last year have started to yellow, or have become stained from regular wear, revive them and stay perfectly on trend by dying them a bright fun color for spring! You just need a large bucket and some fabric dye in your favorite on trend shade. First, thumb through your favorite fashion magazine or online store, chose a shade you love: emerald green, poppy red, cobalt blue?  Hit the store and grab some dye and a bucket and follow the directions on the package. You can even mix the dyes for custom colors. For just under $5, you can dye your white jeans and save a $100 or more on a new trendy pair.

Shredded Heels 

  • If you have a pair of heels you love, but feel like you can't wear them because the heel looks like it's been through a cheese grater, grab some all-purpose craft glue, a paint brush, a paper plate and some fine glitter powder and get to work!
  • Tape off the areas you plan to paint with some blue painters tape for clean lines and edges. Flatten out any of the leather that has scuffed or torn and gently cut away any excess. Mix a complimentary shade of fine metallic glitter with the glue until you have formed a thick paste. Then, carefully paint the mixture on the heels. Let them dry and repeat until you have opaque glitter heels and have covered the scuffs or tears in the leather.
  • You can even paint the platform of the leather shoe to make it more fashion forward! For less than $15 bucks you can revive your old heels and make them look like a $1200 pair of designer shoes! This is one of my favorite fashionable DIY tips and something you can do with your kids.

A small square of black polyester fabric

  • The BEST thing you can use to remove deodorant from your clothing is a small square of black polyester. Simply rub the fabric over your deodorant marks and watch them disappear.
  • You can also use the foam from a dry cleaning hanger to remove deodorant from clothing! Instead of buying those packaged deodorant removing sponges from the lingerie store, rip off a piece of foam from the hanger and rub the marks away.
  • If you don't have either on hand, rub fabric on fabric. That means use the fabric from the garment you are actually wearing and make contact with the deodorant mark. The stains will wipe away!

Rubber band

  • If your jeans are too tight from a recent lunch break or big dinner, or you're still dropping pounds from the holidays, you can gain some extra inches in the waistline of your jeans or pants with an everyday rubber band.
  • Simply loop the rubber band through the buttonhole of your pants or jeans and then back through itself making a knot. Then loop the other end around the button of your jeans or pants to make the band taut. This trick gives you an extra inch or more of give on any pant waistband, just be sure and belt your pants, which covers up the rubber band and hides it. This is one of my favorite tips and nobody will know but you!

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