Talk Takeaway: Design with Taniya Nayak

Posted on Mar 19, 2013 10:45am

Taniya Nayak is an interior designer and a design expert on HGTV and Food Network. She owns a Boston-based interior design firm, where she adds a fresh, clean look to commercial and residential spaces.  She joins us for a Talk Takeaway to show how we can use our favorite outfits to inspire our own interior design.


Avoid boring old rooms by creating interest with contrasting colors.  Color contrast is the difference between two colors. Colors can differ in hue, value and saturation, but there are many different types of contrasts.   In this room, black and pale pink are the contrasting colors.  

Pale pink wall: For me, the pale pink jacket Aisha wore is a true standout!  I made our walls to match Aisha's pink hue.  The pale pink walls show Aisha's softer side and it stands out against the dining room furniture.  

Dark furniture: Aisha's pale pink jacket is accentuated by her black pants and black blouse.  The contrast of the colors on this outfit is so sharp that I wanted to capture that quality in this design. I adorned the room with a dark dining room table for the base of the room.  Then, I took black chairs to finish the look.

Black and white wall art: The art work contributes to our element of contrasting colors and further sharpens the dynamic style of the room.  


Your outfit already screams classic elegance, but it's the sparkles of your earrings that really liven things up.  We want to play that up in the room!  

Wall sconces: The light from the sconces illuminate the pale pink wall.  

Mercury vase: Also, I added a mercury vase and placed them in the center of the table to add sparkle and glamour.  

Crystal candle sticks: Aisha's earring are so stunning that I wanted to incorporate that into the crystal candle sticks.  Add candle sticks to a dining table and it will bring old Hollywood to the room.


It's important to look at Sheryl's outfit as a whole and understand what type of personality she is trying to convey.  Sheryl is fun, energetic, and likes to be comfortable.  She iss casual yet sophisticated.  Pick your key words and translate it to the room you are designing.  

Turquoise wall: The bold turquoise color of Sheryl's shirt shows me just how exciting and energetic she can be, and we captured that by surrounding the room with walls of this similar color.

Framed wall art: Combine Sheryl's turquoise blouse and her white pants and create a beautiful framed artwork.  This should be placed perfectly above the bed.  This turquoise and white artwork ties both colors together and similar to the pattern on her shirt.

White headboard and white side tables: I used a white headboard bed because it's simple and casual.  The fact that Sheryl is wearing white jeans tells me she likes to be comfortable and wants her space to feel the same way.  

Orange lamp:  Sheryl's jewelry has hints of orange.  We've used a pop of color by incorporating this orange lamp near the bedside.  This lamp shows the fun side of Sheryl!


The ethnic beaded pattern on Sheryl's shirt is bold and makes a statement on the outfit, so why not make a statement in the room?  And since there are beads towards the top of the shirt, I found a great way to bring the texture of the beads on her shirt.

Capiz picture frame and candle holder: I brought the beads on Sheryl's shirt and incorporated it into the picture frame and candle holder near her bedside.  Capiz shells help bring in the idea of embellishment in the same way the beading does with the shirt.  

Throw blanket: I also love that Sheryl has suede heels.  The soft texture of her suede heels is a clear translation of using a soft plush throw.  

Plush rug: This ivory rug has a lot of plush texture like Sheryl's beaded blouse.



Monochromatic elements:  Julie's outfit starts with a black blouse and black pants and so I used that idea for the walls.  This color is called black Fox and I love it because it is "almost" black without overwhelming the room.  When using a deep, dark color, it's always a good idea to try using a paint finish with sheen like satin or semi-gloss to reflect some light.  The result is a room that looks sleek and modern with an effortless pop of color.

Wall art and pillows: Julie's outfit is all about the statement pieces and that's exactly how I designed her room.  I can tell Julie likes to play around with accents in her attire, and so I incorporated these bold pops in the design like the artwork and couch pillows.  These are simple enough to make changing out the room quite easy, as all it would take is a new piece of art and some throw pillows.  That's certainly easier and faster than buying a new sofa and painting the walls!  


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