Sara's Book Preview - Part 3

Posted on Mar 26, 2013 06:30am

Parenting Panic:
When I became a parent, I started thinking about the future in a new way. What kind of world would my children grown up in? What about my grandchild? When I found out that the flame retardants in my son's mattress, pillows, and pajamas were actually toxic to the brain, I went into a mild panic.
These were my options? Flammable or toxic?
For me, clean parenting is the part of my book nearest and dearest to my heart.
As parents, we want to protect our kids. From everything from fires to germs. But what if the remedies for the dangers out there are even more deadly than the original dangers?
We can start by skipping the toxic flame-retardants and making sure we've got working smoke alarms wherever we need them in our homes.

~ Sara Gilbert  
The Imperfect Environmentalist
 is in stores August 13th.

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