Talk Takeaway: Beauty with Lulu Kennedy-Cairn

Posted on Apr 3, 2013 10:45am

UK music superstar Lulu Kennedy-Cairns is coming to 'The Talk' to share her top beauty secrets.  Lulu is a Scottish singer, songwriter, actress, and TV personality who first gained fame in Europe at the young age of 15.  In 2010, she published the book "Lulu's Secrets to Looking Good."  She joins us to discuss the different aspects of looking and feeling younger.  She will share tips for being fashionable, styling your hair, keeping your mind sharp, and caring for your skin.  


Clothes: It's all about what you wear!   Dressing well is all about proportion.  For older women, I recommend lovely tops that aren't tight-fitting, and blazers that cover the bum and crotch.  Mature women should wear jackets, sweaters, soft tees – all of these types of garb still look great.  A particularly nice look is to wear a blazer with pushed up sleeves, tailored looking denim jeans (with lycra), and a soft tee.  Stay away from wide-legged jeans - they're not flattering.

Accessories:  Older women should also not be looking to wear the latest fashions.  Tom Ford isn't making his runway looks with you in mind!  The key is to keep it simple and ACCESSORIZE.  I love accessories.  Women our age should wear simple necklace chains that are layered.  They'll let you shake things up and keep you in the now.  Another must-have accessory is a fabulous pair of sunglasses.  They're something you can look great in regardless of age.

Shoes: Sexy heels are a must!  The extra height gives you the confidence to take on the world.  Don't wear a heel with a strap around the ankle if you're wearing a skirt.  It confuses the eye and makes your legs look shorter.


Oval Face: With this shape, you could go very short – think Halle Berry with her gorgeous pixie cut. This is the one face shape that looks good with almost any haircut.  Interestingly, pretty much all haircuts are designed to help achieve an oval face shape – to balance the face and give it the right proportions so it's not too long, or too square, but appears oval.  

Long Face: Look at Sarah Jessica Parker and her classic, lengthy curls as an example for a long face.  Whatever you do, avoid a straight bob – but instead go for hair that flicks and kicks out at the jawline, away from the face.  Don't try to build too much height and volume at the crown, because that will also create the illusion that your face is longer and straighter than it is.  Instead, why not experiment with a fringe?  This can 'shorten' the face.  

Square Face: Think of Angelina Jolie, who is a perfect example of a square shape.  She looks best with her hair away from her face, showing off that amazing jaw-line.  Sometimes a geometric cut looks great with this face shape.  You can also experiment with different styles of fringe.  A see-through fringe, or sometimes a fringe that's a bit graduated at the side - but never a fringe that's blunt and straight across, that's for sure.  Otherwise, think gentle waves.

Heart-Shaped Face: Helen Mirren is a great example of this.  A heart-shaped face has a broad forehead and is narrower at the jaw.  What your style should be trying to achieve is balancing the narrower jaw, with hair that kicks out, in choppy layers, to create volume lower down the face.  A soft, graduated fringe is fantastic for this shape of face, because it softens the wider forehead.  

Round Face: This is my face shape!  Anything too sleek to the head will give a bowl effect, so you should be looking at something soft, choppy and textured.  Layers work well with a round face - and if you can get them to cut to your cheekbone level, you can blow-dry them outwards at that point, which sort of creates the illusion of a more sculpted face.  Add height and volume at the roots when you're blow-drying.  If you want a fringe, have it graduated and cut a wee bit on an angle.  Whatever you do though, avoid curls!


Keep your brain agile.  Keep your brain sharp!  There are lots of good, simple ways to do this:  Read books, follow world events, talk with your grandkids, play board games with your friends, do crossword puzzles with your family, even try computer games.  All of these things are great for exercising your mind.  Being social is very important too.  Don't cut yourself off.  You cannot isolate.  Get jiggy with it!


I've found that having tiny, micro particles of magnesium crystals in cleansers makes a huge difference to its effectiveness, literally lifting off the dead cells, revealing new, fresh, dewy skin underneath.  I'm obsessive about getting rid of those dead cells.  It's all about regeneration – because fresh skin looks younger – and I can't emphasize enough how important getting rid of that drab outer layer is.


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