Talk Takeaway: Fashion with Sam Saboura

Posted on Apr 10, 2013 10:45am

On today's show, celebrity stylist and host of TLC's bridal show, "Something Borrowed, Something New," Sam Saboura, shared tips for how to pack like a pro and solve common fashion problems when you're traveling.

Avoid over packing and save space with zip tight bags.

The best way to avoid over packing and save space is to plan your outfits in advance and then place them in zip-tight freezer bags. Not only will this take the guesswork out of getting ready while traveling, but it also saves space and keeps your clothes safe from possible toiletry leaks.

First you want to zip the bags almost completely closed with your clothes in them and then push the air out by rolling it tightly.

Finish zipping the bag closed while it is rolled. This gets rid of any air that my take up extra space. If you want, you can place a dryer sheet in the zip-tight bag before closing it to keep clothes smelling extra fresh.

Mark the bag with notes about the day or event you will be wearing that outfit for and you're good to go!

Keep wrinkles away with plastic dry cleaning bags.

Packing always wrinkles clothes a bit so for items that are more prone to wrinkling, fold them and place them in the clear bags that you get from the dry cleaners. This way, the contents of your suitcase will slide on the cellophane during transport instead of crushing and creasing your delicate fabrics.

Roll your socks and undergarments

We've all heard about rolling your clothes to save space in your suitcase, but there's a way to save space and keep your shoes from getting crushed and ruined during travel.

Roll your socks and underwear instead of folding them and then stuff them inside of your shoes prior to packing. This saves a ton of space and acts like a shoetree to help keep the shoes in shape inside the suitcase. This will prevent the shifting contents from crushing the leather and ruining your favorite kicks!

Store your jewelry in a pill case for travel

You can keep your jewelry organized and your chains knot-free by packing them in a Monday through Sunday pill case that you can find at your local pharmacy. This is always a great way to organize your jewelry and keep smaller items from getting tangled or misplaced. If you're extra organized and love to plan ahead, you can even pack your jewelry by the days you'll be wearing it to correspond to each outfit on your trip.

Use plastic wrap under toiletry lids to avoid spills

When packing toiletries such as face wash, hair products and liquids, place a small piece of plastic wrap under their lids to avoid leaking and then screw the cap back on over the plastic wrap. I always like to group all my liquids into one plastic bag for extra protection against spills. Trust me this is going to protect your clothes from getting ruined.

Stop expensive make-up from cracking with cotton pads and balls

This is one of my favorite tips for packing make-up. Cotton balls and cotton pads are the perfect way to protect your eye shadow and blush from cracking and breaking while bouncing around during travel. Simply place them on top of the makeup in your compacts or eye shadow pods and close tight for extra protection. The pillow of cotton will prevent your products from damage and also keep your make-up clean.

Use a hotel coffee maker to steam clean your precious jewelry.

When you're on the go and have fine jewelry that needs cleaning, such as diamond earrings, gold or even your wedding ring, let the hotel coffee maker do the job for you. Just fill the coffee maker with clean water as you normally would, but in place of coffee, put dirty jewelry in the coffee filter instead. The steam from the hot water flowing through the filter will remove dirt, oil, grime and any build up. Give it a quick rinse and your jewelry will sparkle and shine! You may want to run a pass of water thru before your start you cleaning to make sure the coffeemaker is clean.

*Please keep in mind that this tip is not recommended for costume jewelry that may have stones held in with glue.

Clean up spills on your clothing with coffee filters

When you're traveling and need to clean up a spill on your dark clothing, reach for a coffee filter first! Unlike paper towels, coffee filters are made up of super dense fibers so they won't leave that extra trace of lint on your darks.

Remove makeup stains with a toothbrush and some soap

Often times when you travel, you end up wearing certain items more than once and don't always have a washing machine available to clean your clothes.  So, if you happen to get some make up on the neck or collar of your dress or top, grab a soft bristle toothbrush and your hotel bathroom soap and get to work removing the stain. Simply rub brush onto a wet bar of soap and work into a lather. Pass the brush over the stain in a circular motion – clockwise and then counter clockwise. Dab the stain with a clean wet towel and blast dry with the hotel hairdryer.

Remove sweater fuzz and pilling with a shaving razor

You threw your favorite sweater into your suitcase and now that you've unpacked have it on, you notice an outbreak of fuzz and pills that make it look ratty.  You can remove the pilling quickly and easily by gently going over the sweater with a disposable shaving razor—available for free at the front desk of most hotels.  Pilling naturally happens on all sweaters, but higher quality sweaters that use longer fibers will pill less.

De-lint your clothes with a sticky shipping label

If you're traveling and forgot to pack a lint roller, don't sweat it! Head to the business center or front desk of your hotel and ask for a clear overnight delivery label. Wear it like a glove; peel off the back, and lint away.

Toilet seat covers as oil blotting sheets

Yes, I know this sounds crazy but hear me out! Toilet seat covers are made of almost the same material as the facial oil blotting sheets you buy at your favorite beauty store except they are readily available and free! When you're on the go and you need a quick touch up in a pinch grab one from the bathroom stall tear it into a manageable size and get to blotting. If you're embarrassed about trying this in public, you can stay in the stall so no one sees you.

Shower caps as shoe and bag protectors

Hotel shower caps are not just for keeping your hair dry!  Try using these plastic caps as shoe covers when packing your luggage or toting that spare pair of flats in your handbag for later. The shower caps easily stretch around most styles and sizes and help to your shoes from dirtying any of your other clothes. Shower caps are also great for protecting your small leather handbags when you're caught in the rain unexpectedly.

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