Talk Takeaway: Fitness with Angela Parker

Posted on Jun 12, 2013 10:45am

Fitness trainer Angela Parker is coming to the show for a "Talk Takeaway" fitness segment.  She has designed a workout routine to focus on our problem areas will show us five moves that will focus on each one - arms, abs, butt, back, and legs.  She will also show us one final exercise for the total body.  Angela founded "Body Inspired Fitness" boot camps, which are based on the belief that it's possible for anybody to be in a truly healthy, vibrant place.  In addition to her highly successful boot camps, Angela co-authored "90-Days To A Stronger Body & Deeper Connection with Your Daughter," an at home fitness program for moms and daughters.  



This is a great work out that will tone your arms.  Start in a push-up position.  Place your hands directly below your shoulders and open your fingers as wide as possible and keep your core tight.  Do one push-up.  Immediately extend your left arm up toward to the sky and bring your left foot around your body.  Place left hand on ground and flip yourself over into the push-up position.  Repeat on other side.



This is a great ab exercise that will firm the obliques which is a problem area for most women.  Try using weights to really work your abs... Pick up your hand weights.  Start with your feet wider than your hip and your toes should face forward.  Turn your right foot out.  Right heel must line up with left arch of your left foot.  Extend your arms shoulder height.  Press your hips to the left and firm your right quadriceps.  Reach your right hand as far away from the body as possible.  Then place your right hand near the right shin, and your left arm way up to sky.  Keep your belly tight.  Return your right hand to touch the shin.  And repeat, pulsing left hand to sky.  



This is a fantastic workout for your booty!  It'll lift, tone, and sculpt your butt.  Stand on one foot.  Keep your finger tips on the ground with your abs tights, and squat down into the right leg, kicking your left leg back behind you.  Get as low as you can, press into right heel and reach your leg up towards the sky.  Do a few on one side before switching legs.  Repeat.



This is an amazing exercise that will give you a sexy back for the summer!  Start in a high plank position.  Take weights into hands, and then place them directly below your shoulders.  Walk feet wider than hip width apart.  With core tight, draw right elbow to sky, slightly rotating body and engaging your back.  Hold for a beat.  Return to high plank position.  Repeat on other side.



This will work your legs - thighs, hamstrings, and calves.  Let's have fun with this move so start by bringing one knee into your chest.  Return the leg to the ground and then kick the straight leg up to the sky.  Repeat on the other side.  Channel your own inner Radio City Rockette!



This one works the total body... Weights are needed in this exercise.  Start in a hands and knees position on the floor.  Keeping your abs tight, and put down your left forearm.  Extend your right leg out to the side at hip height.  Take your weight into the right hand.  Extend right arm out to your side and touch the weight to your toes.  Extend your arm in front of you and your leg behind.  Keep both your hand and foot at hip height.  Return to starting position.  This works your core, arms, legs, back, and booty.  It's an awesome work out that will tone your problem areas.

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