Talk Takeaway: Nutrition with Keri Glassman

Posted on Jun 19, 2013 10:45am

Nutrition expert Keri Glassman shows us some delicious healthy meals so you can still enjoy that summer barbeque!

Ditch the hot dog and pick up some kebabs

The hot dog alone has 25g of fat, plus 14g of sugar when you add your ketchup and relish! The bun itself even has 4g of sugar. Overall, this classic barbecue hot dog has little to no nutritional value. Instead, grill up shrimp and veggie kebabs. You'll get tons of vitamins and minerals as well as protein and fiber that will fill you up.

Trade in your potato salad for chopped veggie mix or hummus

Forget the calorie-laden, bloating potato salad. Instead, prepare this chopped veggie mix the day before, then scoop onto endives for some crunch.  You can also mix it up with the hummus if you want for a satisfying creamy dish without the cholesterol and saturated fats!  The hummus also offers a punch of protein.

Bye cheeseburger, hello turkey burger

By swapping a hamburger with a turkey burger and controlling the portion size, you will save so many calories and grams of fat. An organic turkey burger only has 7 grams of fat, while a beef burger has a whopping 35 grams of fat! You can top the burger with some of your favorite toppings, like mozzarella cheese and tomato, and ditch the bun for a yummy oil & vinegar based pasta salad (healthy omega-3s from the oil). Asparagus is such an easy veggie to throw on the grill, and it's packed with anti-inflammatory Vitamin K and heart-healthy folate.

Skip the ice cream sundae

Summer is here, and everyone craves a little ice cream but a traditional brownie sundae can cost you almost a half a day's worth of calories! Instead, opt for strawberry shortcake made with fresh strawberries and angel food cake. Angel food cake has a fraction of the calories of a brownie. Plus you're topping with fresh strawberries which provide Vitamin C. You can even do whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. And you can still treat yourself to some fun and festive s 'mores with the delicious antioxidants from the dark chocolate.

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