Talk Takeaway: Style with Sam Saboura

Posted on Aug 8, 2013 10:45am

On today's show, celebrity stylist and host of TLC's bridal show, "Something Borrowed, Something New," Sam Saboura, shared his fashion and beauty secrets for surviving the summer in style.



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Extending the life of your swimsuit

Chlorine and salt water can damage your favorite swimsuits to an irreparable extent. To extend the life of your suit this summer, start by showering with fresh water before you move into the pool. If the swimsuit is already saturated with clean water then it absorbs less chlorinated water. After you finish swimming rinse your swimsuit with cool water and then hand wash it thoroughly with warm water and a good mild washing liquid. I love to use the travel packs of all-fabric laundry soap, which are great for washing items on vacation in your hotel sink. They also fit in your toiletry bag when you travel. Make sure your swimsuit is thoroughly rinsed. Next, squeeze the excess water out of your suit or roll it in a clean towel to remove all the moisture. Don't wring it as this can damage the fibers. Lastly, lay it flat to dry. Never machine wash swimwear and always air dry (not sun dry). The machine will damage the suit and it will lose its elasticity.


Removing summer sweat stains

If your shirts are prone to sweat stains, I suggest that you spray them with a mixture of fresh lemon juice and water before throwing them in the wash. The natural acid from the lemon dissolves alkaline sweat residue that can lead to yellowing and discoloration.

Mix equal parts of fresh lemon juice and lukewarm water in a bottle and spray on the underarm area of your shirts. You can try this on the collar of dress shirts as well. Let the solution rest on the stain for about thirty minutes, and then launder as usual. The stains will lift away and your shirts will look like new.

Remove bloodstains with an ice cube

Summertime is the season for white clothing and it's also the time of year when people become more active. So if you happen to get a bloodstain on your whites, have no fear. Try to work on the stain right away. Just place an ice cube or two directly on top of the blood and let it melt. As the cold water runs thru the stain it should take the blood with it and prevent it from clinging to the fibers of the fabric. Repeat this process until the stain is removed and then launder the garment as you normally would.

Remove tanning oil marks from handbags

If you get an oil stain on your favorite cloth handbag this summer, don't sweat it. Simply coat the oil mark with a small pile of baby powder and let it stand overnight. In the morning, brush away the powder and the oil will be gone. If a bit still remains, just repeat the process until the mark is completely gone.

DYI: Summer Tote

Making your own summer tote out of duct tape is as fun as it is practical. I love how durable the bag is and it's a great tote to take to the beach because you don't have to worry about sand, drinks or tanning oil ruining your bag, plus the whole thing cost less than $15 bucks and looks great too. All you need to make this tote is some fun fabric for the lining and duct tape from your local hardware or craft store in your preferred colors or prints.

Here's how to do it:

1. Cut a piece of fabric to the size of your desired tote.

2. Cut strips of duct tape to stick on the back of the fabric.

3. Fold the tape-covered fabric in half with the duct tape on the outside and tape the sides together creating a pouch.

4. Add straps using long strips of duct tape folded in half and some D rings you can buy from your local hardware or super store.

Be creative and personalize the bag any way you like. This is also a fun DIY project to keep your kids occupied on too hot days during their summer break or when they're bored and hanging out with friends!

Toilet seat covers as oil blotting sheets

Yes, I know this sounds crazy but hear me out! Toilet seat covers are made of almost the same material as the facial oil blotting sheets you buy at your favorite beauty store except they are readily available and free! When you're on the go this summer and you need a quick touch up in a pinch grab one from the bathroom stall tear it into a manageable size and get to blotting. They'll help absorb all the extra oil on your face that's comes along with the summer heat. If you're embarrassed about trying this in public, you can stay in the stall so no one sees you.

Prevent sun damage to hair with everyday conditioner

Protecting your hair from sun damage this summer is easy and inexpensive.  And the solution is probably already in your shower. Before hanging by the pool or hitting the beach, slick your dry hair back with your favorite conditioner. The conditioner acts as a barrier for sunlight, saltwater and chlorine and cost far less than all the expensive hair protectors you may find at your local beauty supply.

Combat sweat in unusual places

In the summertime, we tend to sweat in lots of unusual places like between the bust, behind the knees and even on our feet. So remember, your antiperspirant isn't limited to your underarms alone. You can control sweating almost anywhere. Try gliding on some antiperspirant or using an aerosol version, which can be less sticky than a roll-on or solid and it won't too look chalky against your skin.

Use lip balm on shaving nicks and cuts. 

Women shave their legs more often in the summer so that means more nicks and cuts. Instead of reaching for the toilet paper or a styptic pencil, you can stop the bleeding on the fly by grabbing a stick of classic lip balm and rubbing it over the cut. It works like a charm to stop the bleeding and there's no unsightly mess!

Make your own self-tanner

Self-tanners can be expensive and filled with chemicals you may not want on your skin, so why not make your own! You'll need just two ingredients: coffee and your favorite natural body lotion that's free of parabens and other unnatural toxins. This self-tanner is also super affordable and easy to whip up at home.

First, start by brewing some very strong coffee using a pot's worth of grinds and about a cup of water. Let the liquid cool thoroughly, it will be thick and almost syrupy. Slowly add the coffee to about a 1-cup of any natural white lotion of your choice that is free of chemicals and additives.

Do a color test on a hidden part of your body to make sure you love the look. You can keep adding more coffee or lotion until you get to your desired shade. The mixture will stain your skin the same way coffee stains your teeth over time. Just be sure to exfoliate first!

An added bonus of this DYI tanner is that the caffeine from the coffee is said to help firm and tone your skin.

Another less permanent method is to add some of your favorite bronzing powder to body lotion to make your own glowtion. This is temporary bronzer you can apply to legs, chest and arms for a night out and it will not stain your skin in the same way as the homemade self-tanner.

Removing self-tanner streaks

There's nothing worse than the streaking and discoloration that occurs from a poorly applied self-tan, or when the product stains your hands and feet. The solution to removing excess or streaky self-tanner can most likely be found in your kitchen. Start with some baking soda and water and mix them into a thick paste. Scrub the streaks away but exfoliating with the paste the way you would a body scrub. You can also try cutting up a lemon into manageable wedges and rubbing it on the discolored areas or streaks. Voila! Back to normal and ready to try your tan again!

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