Talk Takeaway: Numerology with Glynis McCants

Posted on Aug 16, 2013 10:45am

Celebrity numerologist, Glynis McCants stops by to teach us all about the soul energy of our first name.

In the summertime, we have a chance to meet all kinds of people. Is there anything you can learn about a person when you first meet them, without knowing their birth date?

Answer: Yes, there is!

The first vowel in the person's first name tells you something about them. It's considered the Soul Energy of the first name.

A = Very self-motivated
The first Vowel in your name is A. The "A" is the 1 Vowel energy. The A is a very self-motivated person, it's someone who wants to get the job done, and if you give them an assignment and say," Hey, I trust you'll do a great job" they will, because they strive for excellence. Positive feedback goes a long way with the A energy. They do like to win in life, so whenever they have a personal victory, that makes them very happy!

E = Always on-the-go
The "E" is a 5 Vowel Energy. A person with the 5 Vowel energy really prefers a life that is in constant motion. They like to be on the go, and are happy traveling- going to new places is also appealing. The 5 vowel energy also promotes a strong need to know what the real story is. They do not put up with half-truths.

I = Family issues
The "I" is the 9 Vowel Energy. This would apply to names such as Michelle, Nicole, Jillian etc.. They have to resolve issues from the original family, stuff that was upsetting for them as children. They must find a way to let it go, so they can be happy and in the moment. The I as the first Vowel encourages leadership, and the I energy does feel called to make the world a better place.

O = Likes to be in charge
The "O" is the 6 Vowel energy. Names like Monica, Robert and Joe, etc. The 6 energy likes to be in charge- if they run a company that is good thing. If they have children, they strive to be a good parent. They do not like to be told what to do. Oprah comes to mind- look at the big O in her first name. She doesn't have children, but she has created her own empire, and she mothers everyone- she mothers the world.

U = Loves to laugh
The "U" is the 3 Vowel Energy which promotes laughter and communication. I go right to the name Julia- as in Julia Roberts. Think about her movies and her laugh, it's contagious. It's the U in her name that gives her that. Another name that comes to mind is Lucille, as in Lucille Ball, a very funny lady!

You know how they teach us in school when it comes to a vowel," A, E, I O, U and sometimes Y?" When there is no vowel next to the Y, the Y is counted as a Vowel. The name Gwyneth comes to mind for an example.

Y = Strong inner voice

The "Y" is the 7 Vowel Energy. A spiritual vibration, and working on that side of their life will make them happy. The 7 energy does embrace nature's beauty, and they also have a strong inner voice that is in a constant inner dialogue. They observe the situation before they reach their conclusions. Some other name examples would be Tyrone or Tyra.

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