Talk That's Trending: Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise & NFL Bullies

Posted on Nov 9, 2013 06:45am

This week's "Talk That's Trending" stories that also kept the blogosphere abuzz were Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise and the Miami Dolphins!  Justin Bieber--who continued his reign as the poster boy for what not to do as a pop star--was caught leaving a brothel in Brazil, was accused of treating fans like "cattle" and was filmed sleeping in bed by a Brazilian girl.  Meanwhile, Tom Cruise is suing two tabloids for claiming he has abandoned his daughter, Suri when in actuality, he was busy shooting two films overseas. Trouble was brewing on the football field when a member of the Miami Dolphins team was accused of being a big bully. Watch "The Talk" all next week at 2pm ET and join the conversation every day on on Twitter at #EverybodyTalks.
Justin Bieber Brazilian Debacle
Justin Bieber Spotted At Brothel In Brazil - Huff Post
Justin Bieber Filmed Sleeping In Bed By Sexy Brazilian Girl — Watch - Hollywood Life 
Justin Bieber Caught Sneaking Out of a Whore House - HaveUHeard 
STIING Is He Worried About Justin Bieber, Too? - I'm Not Obsessed 

The Talk Video: Bieber at Brothel
Tom Cruise's Tabloid Lawsuit 
Tom Cruise Says He Never 'Abandoned' Suri, Details Close Relationship In Tabloid Lawsuit - Huff Post 
Tom Cruise Says In Lawsuit He Has NOT Cut Daughter Suri Out Of His Life! - Perez Hilton
Tom Cruise is fighting mad over Suri abandonment stories - She Know 
Miami Dolphins Bullies
Miami Dolphins spin in full effect about Richie Incognito controversy involving Jonathan Martin - Daily News  
Bullied Miami Dolphin Checks Himself Into Hospital For Emotional Distress! - Perez Hilton
Slurs in Incognito's messages - ESPN.Go

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