5 Things We Learned About TV Host Maria Menounos

Posted on Jul 8, 2014 10:40am

TV host Maria Menounos joined the ladies of The Talk to teach them some recipes and life lessons about eating healthy. Check out the top 5 things we learned from their time with her on the show!

1. Maria grows her own zucchini in her garden.
Zucchini Patties

2. Her dad has Type 1 Diabetes.
Maria Menounos Family

3. Zucchini patties are a staple in the Greek diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables were a staple in her family’s diet growing up.
Maria Menounos Family

4. She does not go to the gym everyday.  She believes in the ABM philosophy (Always Be Moving).
Maria Menounos Philosophy

5. She gained a lot of weight in college but later she lost 40 lbs in a year.  "Aim to be healthy not skinny. Skinny doesn’t always equal healthy.”
The College Years

Check out her recipes now!

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