Watch Salma Hayek Belly Dance With Julie Chen

Posted on Aug 14, 2015 03:05pm

In case we needed another reason to love Salma Hayek, here's one more to add to the list— she's prepared for anything! On Friday, the star of Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet showed off her dancing skills and gave some pointers to the ladies of The Talk.

The Mexican beauty explained that she was asked by Egyptian photographer Youssef Nabil to be in a video installation alongside French actor Tahar Rahim. She felt privileged, eagerly responding "Yes, of course, thank you so much!"

There was one catch though. Nabil reached out to her about a week before filming and said, "By the way, you know you're belling dancing?"

Having never belly danced before, Hayek was caught off guard, but Nabil assured her she would be fine. "You're Lebanese, it's in your blood," he said.

All she could think was, "Oh my god, I hope it's close to salsa because I can salsa really well!"

Julie Chen asked Hayek if she would show off some of her best moves. At first, Hayek was hesitant, but she soon agreed. "I don't know Julie, I didn't come prepared,” said Hayek, before exclaiming,“okay, let's improvise!"

Watch the Salma Hayek and the ladies belly dance below!

Salma Hayek's new animated film Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet is in theaters now.

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