Zoo's James Wolk Reveals He Helped Deliver His Baby

Posted on Jun 28, 2017 10:00am

James Wolk, who stars as Jackson Oz on Zoo, stopped by The Talk on Tuesday to discuss the upcoming Season 3 premiere. Before delving into the dystopian drama, Wolk couldn't help gushing about being a new dad:


As an added bonus in the full interview, the ladies of The Talk shared a baby photo of Wolk alongside his new son, Charlie. The pair bear an uncanny—and an adorable—resemblance.

Of course, Wolk also teased a bit about what's going to be unleashed this year on Zoo, which returns on Thursday, June 29 at 10/9c on CBS and CBS All Access.

After watching a clip of his character running from a fearsome rhino hybrid, Wolk described the hilarity of filming with CGI (computer-generated imagery).

"Sometimes, a director is running after me, saying, 'I'm a rhino, I'm a rhino!'" Wolk explained. To the naked eye, "I looked like a running lunatic!"

Zoo follows Jackson Oz (Wolk) and his team as they fight to save the human race against lab-made super animals. The new season will be set a decade in the future, when we discover the "cure" that was supposed to stop the animals came with a terrifying side effect: Human beings are now sterile. As our own population dwindles, the team faces a new risk from an army of man-made monsters. Jackson and his team, must fight back against these hybrids before they wipe out the human race.

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