Mark Harmon Told A Story About His Mother's Wedding Dress On The Talk, And It'll Warm Your Heart

Posted on Sep 12, 2017 02:40pm

NCIS actor Mark Harmon stopped by for the Season 8 premiere of The Talk, where he told a touching story about his parents' wedding—in particular, his mother's wedding gown.

Mark's story, which revolved around the parachute his WWII hero father was shot down in, had the hosts, his co-star Maria Bello, and Talk guest co-host and Let's Make A Deal host Wayne Brady "awwwww"-ing from their seats.

He explained, "When [my father] got back after 30 days, the parachute came with him and he married my mom. My grandmother, an Austrian immigrant and also a great seamstress, basically took the chute apart and made my mom's wedding dress out of it."

Here's a photo of Mark's mother wearing her beautiful parachute dress.

What else did Mark share about his father's heroic experience in China?

And what did Maria have to say about parachute clothing being "a thing?"

WATCH: Mark Harmon Shares His WWII Hero Father's Wedding Story On The Talk

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