Celebrity: Joe Mantegna & Joey Travolta's Charity Work

Posted on Apr 6, 2012 05:45am

Learn more about today's guests Joe Mantegna (Spokesperson for ACT Today for Military Families) and Joey Travolta's (Founder of Inclusion Films) amazing charity work:

ACT Today for Military Families:  ACT Today! for Military Families is making a positive difference in the lives of military families, one child at a time. 1 in 88 military children have autism. Military families impacted by autism face extraordinary challenges. Since July 2010, ATMF has helped many military children access effective treatments and quality of life supports which were previously unattainable.

For more information on ACT Today for Military Families go here

Inclusion Films is a practical film workshop for adults with developmental disabilities. The program provides adults with developmental disabilities an introduction to film production. After completing the program, students are encouraged to apply for a position at our own production company, Team Diversity Media, as well as seek employment  in the film industry through other avenues. Inclusion Films Workshop seeks to promote the creative skills and strong work ethic of film makers with developmental disabilities, ultimately allowing them to become more independent, self-confident, and well-rounded individuals.

For more information on Joey Travolta's Inclusion Films go here.

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