Lifestyle: The Great American Try On

Posted on May 4, 2012 12:58am

To help give people living with bladder control issues the confidence to enjoy an active (their everyday) lifestyle, Depend introduced the new Silhouette for Women and Real Fit for Men briefs and boldly invites incontinent and continent Americans to try them in The Great American Try On.

Approximately 56 million Americans live with bladder control issues, also known as incontinence. It's a condition that can take away one's sense of normalcy, cause embarrassment and diminish confidence.

Lisa Rinna tried on the new Depend Silhouette for Women briefs under a form-fitting evening gown to show just how sleek and ultra-smooth the fit really is. Her participation in The Great American Try On will help support Dress for Success in its quest to empower and boost the confidence of disadvantaged women.

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