How to Diet at the Office

Posted on Aug 31, 2012 10:45am

Falling for all of the sugary, fat-laden treats at work can be so easy when they are made accessible. Most offices stock kitchen with packaged snacks and cater breakfast, lunch and desserts at all hours of the day. This can be a diet nightmare if you are trying to keep it low calorie to bare your bikini this summer. The best way to avoid these enticing treats is to bring your own and make yourself armed for any temptation! Make sure to stock your desk drawer with these bikini-friendly items:

  • Green Tea Bags - Green tea is a great mid-morning and afternoon pick-me-up that also boosts your metabolism and immune system. Distracting yourself with a hot, satisfying drink can help keep you away from what might be sitting on the kitchen counter.

  • Healthy Sweets - Sometimes that sweet tooth can hit you hard when you least expect it. Instead of grabbing for the nearest high calorie candy bar, make sure you've got a dark chocolate bar handy, tasty granola bars, whole fruit and dried fruit. Each of these will help satisfy your craving for something sweet without putting you back a few thousand calories.

  • Lunch Isn't Holding You Over - If you find yourself still starving after lunch, make sure you are prepared. Stock the fridge at work with greek yogurt or hard-boiled eggs. They are both full of protein and will satisfy your hunger for little calories. You should also keep nuts and turkey jerky at your desk. Just make sure that whenever hungers strikes, you reach for something with high protein rather than something that won't keep you full!

  • Salty Snacks The Healthy Way - You might find yourself reaching for potato chips or french fries during the workday...if you are wanting a salty treat, make sure you bring your own! Salted nuts, microwavable popcorn and low calorie chips should be in your desk at all times. This way, you can keep your salty treat to 100 calories and satisfy your cravings.
  • Portion Control - If you take time to pack your own lunches and snacks at home, you take away the risk for overeating during the day. It's easy to miscalculate calories and fat when eating out and this can easily wreak havoc on any diet. Spend time each day measuring your food and sticking to whole, organic foods rather than packaged, frozen meals. Your body will thank you!


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