Lifestyle: Poise Presents The 2nd Talk!

Posted on Sep 27, 2012 10:45am

Legendary actress Cloris Leachman and Dr. Berman are here talking to women about menopause!  Cloris talks about how Poise has helped her.  Poise brand wants to help women approach this life stage with confidence by starting The 2nd Talk, a whole new way to talk about menopause and other issues, as well as this new, first-of-its-kind product line. ThePoise brand's new feminine wellness line currently includes five products to help provide comfort during menopause and help women feel more feminine and assured. Each has been designed to address a specific need and work naturally with a woman's body, including:

o   Roll-On Cooling Gel

o   Body Cooling Towelettes

o   Personal Lubricant

o   Panty Fresheners

o   Feminine Wash

As seen on today's episode:
The Roll-On Cooling Gel helps women feel comfortable and refreshed when a hot flash strikes. Squeeze the tube and gently roll the cooling gel on wrists, chest or neck for a cooling sensation that lasts up to 10 minutes. It's lightly scented, moisturizing and discreet enough to use virtually anywhere.

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