Talk Takeaway: Fitness with Brett Hoebel

Posted on Oct 16, 2012 10:45am

Fitness expert Brett Hoebel teaches the moves that lead to a better booty!

Booty Slides

Start by lying on the floor face up with your arms at sides, legs straight, and heels on towels (if you are on the carpet, use plates under your heels). Lift your hips off the floor and drag your heels toward you.  This move targets the back of your booty, hamstrings and lower back.

Half Moon Booty Kick

Start on all fours with your right leg extended straight out to the right with your toe touching the floor. Pull your leg slightly above and behind you to the other side.  This move targets the back of your booty, side of booty and inner thigh.

Booty Bridge Kicks

Start by lying on the floor with your knees bent, your feet on the ground and your arms extended straight out to the side. Bridge up, pull your right knee to your chest, then do a push kick forward, and then a crescent kick out to the side.  This move targets the back and side of booty, and lower back.

Push Kick and Capoeira Lunge

Start by standing in a slight squat position. Perform a push kick to the front with your right leg and move your arms to your right side with your left elbow covering your face. Then bring right leg behind you into a low reverse lunge with your right leg in back and left leg in front. Bring your left hand to the floor on the outside of your left leg and your right elbow covering face.  This move targets the back of your booty, hamstrings and inner thigh.

TV Time Booty

It's an exercise you can do while watching "The Talk" on TV and it's called the "TV Time Booty."  Start by lying on the floor on your left side (having your back against something flat like a wall or couch would help). Raise your right leg up straight with your toe pointing down, then raise your right leg up straight with your toe pointing up.  This targets the back and side of your booty.

How fast can we see results if we continue your "Better Booty Workout?"

At a minimum, do three exercises for a minute each in a circuit. Rest a minute between circuits and repeat for 2-3 rounds. That averages to 6-9 minutes of booty work and 2-3 minutes of rest. That's LESS THAN 10 MINUTES of quality BOOTY-TIME. You will FEEL results the next day... You may have to get assistance sitting down (laughs). The main thing is to stay consistent with this workout. If you are sore from the training and want to take it easy one day, do one or two of the exercises, but keep a consistent schedule.

In order to maximize this workout, what is the number one food we should eat for a healthier body?

The number food we should eat is PROTEIN!  Lean protein builds lean muscle and muscle burns fat. Great sources of lean protein are generally organic chicken, seafood and some vegetable sources.  We need to eat white meat chicken, white meat turkey, lean pork, bison, ostrich, halibut, tilapia, quinoa, pinto beans and garbanzo beans.

Are these workout moves more effective than the machines that are used at the gyms?

These moves are MORE effective than the machines because they will get MORE than your booty in-shape and will burn MORE calories. These "integrated" booty-exercises will also target the hamstrings, hips and lower back. Targeting these muscles adds MORE CURVES and that is sexy and important to the overall function of your body! Machines tend to only target one muscle group with "isolated" exercises.


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