Special Thanks: Inner Images

Posted on Oct 11, 2011 12:13pm

Thank you to our friends at Inner Images, Inc. for providing these women with mammograms today. 

If you would like to schedule Inner Images and the Fran Van to come out to your workplace or event for your own "Pink Party" just like we are doing here today, you can contact them at 1 (877) 4AN-EXAM or through here. This is an opportunity to provide a valuable life-saving service for the women you work with. ­­

More Resources:

Cancer Schmancer
- The Cancer Schmancer Movement raises awareness and educates women
about early detection of cancer, as well as serves a policy-driven
women's health movement on Capital Hill.

Breast Cancer Prevention Fund
- This non-profit organization is working to save women's lives through
outreach programs that promote detection and early prevention of breast
cancer through awareness and education. They also provide referral
services to help women schedule breast cancer screenings and pay for
mammograms for uninsured women.

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