Talk Is Cheap: Home Holiday Ideas

Posted on Nov 22, 2011 10:55am

­The holidays are near, and that means a house full of guests! Sounds expensive, but it doesn't have to be. In today's "Talk is Cheap" demo, designer Kristan Cunningham offers these inexpensive easy-to-make guest gifts.

Materials Needed:
(2­) Bottles of Martinellis Apple Cider (1.5 LTR)
­(1) Bottle of Spiced Rum
(1) Packet of Mulling Spices
(1) Apple
(1) Pack of cinnamon ­sticks

1. Slice apple in quarter inch horizontal slices.
2. Combine cider, mulling spices, and sliced apple in a large stock pot.
3. Warm using medium heat. The longer it cooks, the greater the aroma.
4. Serve in a coffee mug with 1 oz. of spiced rum and a cinnamon stick.
5. Garnish with an apple slice.

Flavored Sugar Jar:­TALK2_1122_KRISTAN_SUGAR_JAR_WITH_HANDS.jpg
Materials Needed: ­
­(1) Vanilla beans or
(4) Star anise or
(3) Cinnamon sticks or
(3) Cloves or
(1/2) teaspoon ground fennel or
(1/2) teaspoon ground cardamom  or
(1 -2) tablespoons dried herbs (mints, rosemary, lavender, etc) or
(1 -2) tablespoon (1/2 inch piece) orange, lemon or lime zest
(2 ) cups sugar, about (or try it in splenda)
(16) oz storage jar with airtight seal

1. Pour 1 cup sugar into bottom of jar.
2. Place desired ingredient at the halfway mark of jar and then pour second cup of sugar on top
3. You can put in individually or mix and match your spices.
4. Tightly close and store for a week or more to allow for ingredient to infuse sugar.
5. Dress up jar and hand out as hostess gifts

Luggage Tags: TALK2_1122_Kristan_GIFT_AND_TAG_WIDE.jpg
Materials Needed: ­
­(1) pk. Tooling Leather Practice Piece (practice pieces come pre cut to perfect luggage tag size)
(1) 5/32" Letter and Number Stamp Set
(1) Jeweler Hammer
(1) Leather Hole Punch
(1) Roll of Leather Cord

1. Using the leather hole puncher, make a hole approximately 1/2" in from one end of the leather piece, and centered on the width of it.
2. Cut a 6" piece of leather cord, fold in half and knot at one end. Push folded end through the hole on leather piece and loop through the knotted end to secure in place.
3. Repeat steps one and two as many times as you have materials on hand so that they are ready to be customized at a moments notice.
4. Using the jewelers hammer and the punch set, spell out the name of your recipient and hammer in each initial.
5. Use as a gift tag to create a truly personalized hostess gift.

Custom Matchboxes:TALK2_1122_KRISTAN_CLOSE_UP_MATCHES.jpg
­(1) Pack of Boxes of Matches
(1) Pack of Beeswax Tapered Candles
(1) Roll of Brown Kraft Paper or White Butcher Paper
(1) Sharpie in each color: Black, Gold and Silver
(1) Gluestick
(1) Rubber Monogram Stamp Kit
(1) Roll of Twine
(1) Xacto Knife
(1) Self Healing Mat or Cutting Surface

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