Redo U: Seductive Home with Moll Anderson

Posted on Feb 17, 2012 11:45am

Is your bedroom "sexy"? If the answer is no, lifestyle expert and author of "The Seductive Home," Moll Anderson shares how to change that by bringing the sexy back to your home decorating. Get her tips here:

Everyone is so focused on creat­ing great public spaces, like the living room, that they forget about the room that they spend the most time in, the bedroom. It always becomes the last thing on the decorating list. Creating a seductive home starts with what I call sensory-scaping, which is the art of creating rooms that appeal to the senses; from color, texture and scent, to lighting and eye-catching focal points. Once you have addressed these areas, your bedroom becomes a place that you feel relaxed and luxurious in.

Incorporate texture and color into your bed.

Since the bed is the focal point of any bedroom, you need to make it a palate for everything else. You should chose linens that make you feel sexy, relaxed and comforted. With your bed, it's not just about looking great, it also has to feel great. Next is color. You need to find a color that stimulates you and your partner. So many times women decorate for themselves. It is important to know who you are sharing your bedroom with and incorporate their color tastes as well.  Get those linens in fantastic sexy silk or satin sheets in the colors that turn you both on. The sexy sheets really make a difference in the bedroom.

Use flowers and candles to set a moo
It is important to stimulate your senses of sight and smell, this can set a mood or change the direction of your day. After a long day you are tired but the scent of a candle or the brightness of a flower can change the direction of an evening and your mood. Flowers not only create a wonderful aroma, they also give a great pop of color to any room. Candles create a natural lighting that gets you in the mood to relax. Nothing says sexy like low lighting with just a candle burning.

Create a music playlist.

I am a firm believer of having a soundtrack for your life. I think you should have a playlist for every situation and that includes the bedroom. When you go to the bedroom for some alone time you should have music on the ready to create a mood. No one wants to be fumbling trying to find the right song for the right moment.

Create an impromptu meal.

It's also important to remember that creating a seductive space isn't done just in the evening. Surprise your spouse with breakfast in bed on occasion. If you have a breakfast tray available it is easy for the two of you to extend your alone time. You can eat in bed or you can use a seating area to create a moment of an intimate breakfast for just the two of you.

Keep pictures of family out of the bedroom.
Keep the pictures of the children OUT of the bedroom. This may sound harsh, but it's something I always do when decorating the bedroom. The only pictures that belong in the bedroom are pictures of you and your significant other. Pictures of the family are great, and that is why we have a family room to put them in. Limit the bedroom to pictures of just the two of you.

Always have two night stands.
Not only is it better for the symmetry of your room, but I think that setup keeps you more open to the idea of sharing your life with someone else.

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