Episode 9884 - Friday, April 13, 2012
Posted on Apr 13, 2012 03:30pm

Devon and Harmony delight in his new ability to hear. Devon, Tucker and Harmony share a moment together as a family as Devon hears his song for the first time. Avery brings Phyllis a gift left by their father, but it disheartened when she wasn’t left anything. Meanwhile, Michael and Lauren’s argument about Fen is interrupted when he gets a call about Lucy’s custody hearing. Daniel and Daisy are informed that the hearing has been scheduled for next week. Nikki devastated about overhearing that Victor sent Chelsea to seduce Billy. Nikki turns to Jack and they decide to keep their knowledge of Victor’s involvement with Chelsea between them. Later, Nikki shows up in Vegas to stop Jack from marrying Genevieve. Nikki surprises Jack with a kiss. Meanwhile, Victor shows up at Genevieve’s Vegas hotel room. Abby and Victoria have a confrontation with Adam. Chelsea admits to Adam that she was in cahoots with Victor about her involvement with Billy. Later, Victoria attacks Adam for coming by the hospital to see the baby. Chelsea admits that Adam delivered the baby.