Episode 9894 - Friday, April 27, 2012
Posted on Apr 27, 2012 03:00pm

Nikki is disappointed that Jack has canceled his appointments with Sarge. Jack declares that he is scheduling his surgery soon, as Ashley overhears. Both Ashley and Nikki try to discourage him from having the operation. Billy and Victoria are enjoying their time with baby John. Billy and Victoria arrive at the coffeehouse with Reed and baby John, where they inform Kay and Jill that they plan to have John baptized today. They also ask Chloe and Kevin to be John’s godparents, and they happily agree. At the church, friends and family gather for the christening. Kay comments to Nikki about Victor’s absence. Abby announces that she has a surprise guest, Kyle. Kyle is warmly welcomed by his family; however, he is cold and distant to Nikki. Later, Kyle confronts Nikki about dating Jack. Kyle informs Victor that he wants to live at the ranch. Chelsea debates whether she should leave Genoa City, since Billy and Victoria have offered to give her money. Adam encourages her to stay and offers to help Chelsea determine if Jeff or his twin is really her father. Adam and Chelsea return to the GCAC, where Chelsea offers to order room service for Adam’s birthday. She admits it was tough being rejected by Jeff, and Adam embraces her. They begin to kiss passionately, as Sharon approaches the door with a birthday card. Nick and Phyllis are surprised to learn that Phyllis might be pregnant. As they wait for the results of the test, Nick asks Phyllis to marry him.