Episode 9901 - Tuesday, May 8, 2012
Posted on May 8, 2012 03:00pm

Victor surprises Sharon with a romantic evening, complete with flowers and Champagne. Later, Nikki is shocked to find them enjoying a romantic evening. Lily and Cane present Jill with a going-away gift as she gets ready to leave for Australia. Sofia is blindsided when Neil admits that he and Harmony kissed. Neil reminds her that they married because of Moses, but Sofia confesses that she is in love with Neil. Neil promises he will not break their wedding vows, despite his attraction to Harmony. Ashley gasps as she catches Tucker and Harmony in bed together. Tucker runs out after Ashley, leaving Harmony alone. Tucker arrives at the Abbott Mansion and demands to see Ashley. After a bit of confusion, an angry Jack realizes that Ashley caught Tucker in bed with another woman. Later, Abby confronts Tucker about what he did and angrily informs him that Ashley doesn’t want to see him. Nikki is surprised when Kay meets her at an AA meeting. Nikki opens up to Kay about Jack and Victor. Nikki and Kay notice when Harmony arrives at their AA meeting. They are intrigued when Harmony confesses to the group that she slept with a married man. Later, Kay questions Harmony about who she slept with. Kay asks Harmony to move out.