Episode 9923 - Friday, June 8, 2012
Posted on Jun 8, 2012 03:00pm

Nick and Phyllis plan their wedding and decide to announce their pregnancy after the wedding. They invite Daniel, but do not want Daisy to come. Noah agrees to be Nick’s best man and invites Eden to the wedding. Sharon learns she is not invited to the wedding. Daisy pays a visit to Phyllis. When Phyllis tries to kick her out, Daisy confronts Phyllis. Phyllis fires back at Daisy. When Daisy leaves, Phyllis experiences massive pain. Meanwhile, Sharon crashes Nick and Phyllis’s wedding and Nick berates her in front of the guests. Later, Daisy refuses to help as Phyllis. Victor questions Jack about meeting the deadline to buy Beauty of Nature. Meanwhile, Nikki and Sharon spar over Sharon’s relationship with Victor. Later, Jack asks Abby for a loan to buy Beauty of Nature. Abby agrees to loan Jack the cash he needs. Ricky learns that Phyllis came to see Tim. Tim refuses to help Ricky. Meanwhile, Heather thinks law enforcement should investigate Ricky, but Paul refuses. Ricky arrives, and shows his jealousy of Heather’s relationship with Paul.