Episode 9924 - Monday, June 11, 2012
Posted on Jun 11, 2012 03:00pm

At the wedding, Nikki and Sharon exchange barbs as Sharon taunts Nikki about killing Diane. Victoria tries to convince Sharon to leave, but she refuses. Abby informs Jack that her financial advisor has encouraged her to buy into Beauty of Nature. While meeting with Victor, Victor forbids Abby to loan Jack the funds to buy Beauty of Nature. Later, Abby agrees to give Jack the money. Phyllis lies on the floor in anguish, unable to reach the phone. Nick enters and calls an ambulance. Nick comforts her as she mourns the loss of their baby. Nick informs the guests via text that the wedding is cancelled. Later, Daniel’s stunned to receive a text from Nick saying that Phyllis lost the baby. Daisy pretends to be surprised. As they leave Gloworm, Michael is intrigued about a surprise that Lauren has planned for him. Later, he becomes emotional when Fen arrives.