Episode 5 - Monday, 8th January 2001
Posted on Jan 7, 2013 12:00pm

Victor is angry when he hears the tape of Diane's conversation with Michael about her visit with Hope Adams. Victor calls Hope, who explains that Diane was looking for information about Victor's relationship with his son. Victor fills Hope in about Diane becoming pregnant without his knowledge of the insemination. Diane tells Michael how much Victor's son with Hope means to him. She feels this bodes well for Victor's relationship with her own baby. Diane explains that Leanna led her to Hope in exchange for Diane's promise to give Leanna exclusive photos of the newest Newman heir. Michael is about to leave when Diane cries out to him for help. Matt slips out of the room just as Ryan is returning. He listens as Ryan tells Tricia that he's decided it's best if he moves out. Frantically, Tricia begs for more time. Ryan feels he should have left a long time ago, and heads out to pack his bags. Tomas is anxious to hear if the producer called about making his book into a movie. While Tomas is in the shower, Harvey stops by to see Nina. He tells Nina that he's there to see her, because it is her book that he wants to turn into a film. Matt tries to calm down a distraught Tricia, who doesn't know how she'll live without Ryan. She's certain he's planning on staying with Victoria. When Mac mentions that she is heading to the shelter, Billy asks if she would mind if he started volunteering there again himself. Mac is fine with the idea. Raul hears about the plan and goes to confront Billy before he heads to the shelter. Victor bursts into the empty apartment looking for Diane. Meanwhile, the nurse hands Diane her newborn son.