Episode 455 - Monday, 4th October 2004
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Nikki informs Brad of Abbys accident. Olivia informs Victor that Abby is fine but had dislocated her shoulder. Brad walks in and blames Victor for the accident for buying Abby a horse when she is still too young. When Abby is released and sees Brad she is overjoyed, which makes Victor feel left out. Michael and Lauren decide that they wont lie to Kevin. Michael agrees to tell Kevin about their relationship that night. Christine informs Neil that a contact of hers found Devon in Chicago. He was picked up in a teen prostitution sweep and is being taken to a Genoa City lock-down group home. Neil feels horrible, knowing that his family will blame him. Phyllis and Dru become stuck in the elevator on their way out of the building. They are frantic for their lives and blame each other for getting them in the situation. Phyllis opens her margarita mix and devours two shots of tequila. Dru begs for one and to silence her, Phyllis agrees. Suddenly the elevator jerks and Phyllis and Dru scream, wrapping their arms around each other for support. At the boutique, Lauren gently tells Kevin that she will never feel for him the way he does for her. He maturely handles Laurens honesty but tells her he will never give up hope. Kevin comes home and wants to talk to Michael about Lauren, which throws Michael off-guard.