Episode 154 - Friday, 5th August 2005
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Nikki wakes up in Victors arms and asks how Bobby is doing. Victor says he hasnt heard anything and Nikki feels horrible that he doesnt even know hes a father. She says she is so lucky to have made it through the whole ordeal last night, and just hopes that Bobby is as lucky as she was. She admits that snooping around like she did wasnt right, but that she wasnt thinking with her mind. Bobby delivers the incriminating records to Paul and Christine that will put Vinny away forever. Christine stops him to reveal that he is now a father. Bobby wants to go to the hospital immediately. Christine explains that she called a judge to place Bobbys family under witness protection, but says that he needs to do it now. She tells him to run over to the hospital right now, and the officials will meet him there. He understands the gravity of the situation, then leaves. Brittany starts to cry tears of joy when Bobby arrives at the hospital. As Bobby walks Brittany down the hall, Angelo comes around the corner but doesnt see them. He asks a nurse where the preemie babies are, saying hes Bobbys brother. She directs him where to go, but he says he will wait a few minutes to give the new parents some bonding time. J.T. explains to Mac that he isnt the father of Brittanys baby, but Mac is still deeply hurt. She doesnt understand why J.T. couldnt explain the situation to her, but he admits it was too risky. The judge decides to reinstate Lilys bond. Michael and the Winters family are ecstatic, but Dru reminds Lily to be on her best behavior from now on. Lily says shes glad to come home, but wishes it could be the same for Daniel. Lauren goes to Toronto to visit Scott and explain her engagement to Michael. Scott assumes the wedding will be in Genoa City, and Lauren has a flashback of Sheila. Covering, she says she doesnt know where the wedding will take place, and tells him it will be very small, so he shouldnt bother to come. She looks at him wistfully and Scott asks whats wrong. She says she needs to get back to work and leaves. Sheila reveals herself in the corner of Scotts apartment, intrigued that Lauren is getting married. Mac meets with Kevin, whos distracted by Toms return. They both change subjects to talk about how they will run the coffeehouse.