Episode 246 - Tuesday, 13th December 2005
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

After the wedding reception, Mackenzie, J.T., Kevin, Scott, and Victoria go to the coffeehouse. Kevin kisses Mac, and he realizes how deep his feelings are for her. Michael and Lauren head off on their honeymoon in the Newman jet. Paul tells Ashley about Jennifer Mitchells disguises that he found in her room, and that hes going to fly to Toronto to meet her personally. He shocks Ashley when he tells her that John has a gun to protect her from Tom. Devon and Yolanda are surprised when Dru arrives home from St. Louis, and Dru reminds Devon that fighting is unacceptable behavior. In her St. Louis hotel room, Sharon and Brad discuss how much they have come to mean to each other, and they kiss passionately. Realizing that theyve already gone too far, they pull apart. Brad goes back to his room and Sharon leaves a phone message for Nick. Nick takes Phyllis home and she invites him in. They drink wine and play video games. They kiss passionately, undress, and make love.