Episode 269 - Friday, 13th January 2006
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

At their apartment, Lauren is stunned to see that Michael set up a beach atmosphere in the living room, so that they could pretend to have the honeymoon that they wanted. Lauren is thrilled, and they share an electric kiss. J.T. tells Kevin that he and Scott are welcome to stay at the loft. At the Winters, Sierra grabs Lilys second letter from Devon, wanting to read it. She agrees that its a love letter to Daniel. Daniel enters and asks Devon why Lily didnt tell him that she felt this way. Sierra and Devon share a look that Daniel picks up on, and he demands to be told what is going on. Devon says that he knew about the letter but didnt want to be the one to tell him. Daniel is upset and leaves. Sierra is upset at Devon for not telling Daniel the truth. Phyllis tells Jack that because of Lilys letter, shes afraid that Daniel will resort back to the type of behavior that put him in the mess he got into last summer. Nikki suggests having a family dinner tomorrow in honor of Cassie. Sharon and Nick agree to play Cassies birthday tomorrow by ear, and talk about it if Noah wants to. Nick receives a call from a travel agent, confirming Sharons trip tomorrow. He becomes upset, and Sharon said that if he wouldnt jump to conclusions, she would have told him that she didnt commit to it because her commitment is with her family. Phyllis tells Jack that if their relationship suffers because she wants to go ahead with the wellness center project, it will be because he is trying to control her. He promises her that if she passes on the spa idea, hell help her find something equally as creative and challenging to work on. Kevin is summoned to the morgue to identify Toms corpse. He emotionally tells Tom that no matter how much he hated him, he wishes that he had one memory of Tom telling him that he loved him. The clerk enters and tells Kevin to look through Toms personal effects. Kevin notices a safety deposit box key. Daniel pays an older kid to buy him a pint of vodka. He pours it into a soda at the coffeehouse and is about to take a drink when Nick stops him. Nick is furious, reminding him of his probation, and that is would have been Cassies birthday tomorrow. Daniel feels awful and pours out his soda. Nikki asks Sharon if they could have a dinner to celebrate Cassies birthday, but Sharon tells her that isnt a good idea. Nick enters with Daniel, telling him to sleep in the guest room.