Episode 499 - Friday, 15th December 2006
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

At Indigo, Dru tells everyone that their band cancelled for tonight because of the storm. A loud bolt of thunder crashes outside, startling everyone. J.T. and Neil go outside to check it out, and come back saying that it has gotten very icy outside. Devon calls saying that he doesnt want to drive over there, and Dru calls Lily to tell her to stay at the boutique, but she says that Daniel is on his way to get her now. They listen to a weather report on the radio and reluctantly decide to cancel the gala. Suddenly the power goes out. Gloria ecstatically tells Lauren about what happened in court. The doorbell rings and Lauren is shocked to see her mother, Joanna, at the door. Immediately Gloria and Joanna go at each others throats, Joanna saying that now that she is here, Gloria can leave. Gloria reluctantly agrees to go stay with Kevin. Lauren makes tea to try to ease the tension in the room, but soon the women start bickering again over the best way to raise Fen. Daniel comforts Lily saying that people will still come to the gala tonight, even if its storming outside. On their way to Indigo, Daniel hits a patch of ice in the car and he and Lily crash. Jill berates Kay for asking Sylvia Browne to help her figure out what her nightmares mean. Sylvia Browne arrives at the Chancellor estate just as the power goes out. Esther lights some candles, and Sylvia tells Kay that the person who can help her unlock the mystery of the crying baby is a stranger. Colleen slips in later to Korbels class. After class Colleen and Korbel are getting ready to leave for the gala when an announcement is made over the P.A. system telling everyone not to drive because the roads are too bad. They both decide to head over to Indigo anyway. Nick and Phyllis make a stop at Newman Enterprises because Phyllis wants to take work with her to the hospital. She cant find the file shes looking for, then realizes that Jack took it. She barges into his office and takes back her file, then tells him that her daughter is going to be born this afternoon. Brad decides to give Sharon a ride home from work. Still at the office, Phyllis tells Nick that her hospital bag is at home. Nick volunteers to go home and get it so that Phyllis can finish her work, then come back and pick her up. Phyllis and Jack ride down the Newman elevator together until the power goes out and the elevator stops. Jack tries to call maintenance but the line is down. Suddenly Phyllis has a contraction.