Episode 500 - Monday, 18th December 2006
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

While waiting out the storm, Brad and Sharon reminisce about the time they made love, but they both know that cant happen again. Brad admits to Sharon that he hates when shes with Jack because he doesnt believe that he is good enough for her, and they both state that they love each other, even though theyve accepted they cant be together. Korbel admits to Colleen that hes teaching at G.C.U. because of an affair with a student. Colleen assumes that he had the affair, but Adrian corrects her, saying that he blew the whistle on a colleague and got tangled up in the fallout, but that if that hadnt happened then he never would have taught at G.C.U. and met the most capable assistant he ever had. They start to talk about their attraction to each other, but Adrian admits that having a relationship would be very wrong. Suddenly they kiss. Daniel gains consciousness, but panics when Lily doesnt immediately respond. When she wakes up they realize that Daniel is trapped in the car. Jack and Phyllis are frustrated that they are stuck in an elevator together. Phyllis calls Nick and asks him to call 911 for them. Phyllis calls her OB/GYN but loses the call. Jack pries open the elevator panel, but Phyllis begs him not to leave her. She makes him promise to save her baby. Nick hangs up with Phyllis and realizes that his battery is now dead. As he is driving he comes across Daniel and Lilys accident site. Nick gets clothes out of his car to bundle Daniel up with. Daniel notices that his leg is bleeding all over the place. It finally stops, but then Nick notices that gas is dripping from the tank. Daniel says that he feels dizzy, and Nick says that as soon as they can jack up the car he will be able to get out. Daniel is surprised that he called him son. Just as Sylvia is about to start a regression on Kay, Amber knocks at the door with Kays dress for the gala, saying that she slid off the road in front of her house. Amber gets comfortable in the living room, and she, Jill, and Esther watch Kays reading. Sylvia states that a young man who was an alcoholic is in the room saying that he is at peace, and when Sylvia says that his name is Phillip, Jill and Kay are stunned. Sylvia says that Phillip says that Kay needs to make things right with someone who is still alive, and that the money went to violets. Before anyone can make sense of this, Sylvia says that Phillip is gone.