Episode 9952 - Thursday, July 19, 2012
Posted on Jul 19, 2012 03:00pm

Billy meets with a producer from the “Restless Style” TV show. The producer informs Billy that they will have to cancel the program due to Phyllis’s arrest. Billy offers to fire Phyllis and cover the story instead. Michael informs Phyllis and Avery that he has convincing evidence against her. Avery asks Michael for a deal. Avery begins to bargain, but Christine arrives and demands that any deal must include jail time. Daniel and Heather admit their mutual dismay at having a parent in jail. They decide to head to Jimmy’s for a drink. Meanwhile, Paul runs into Phyllis in the hallway and advises her to confess everything. Later, Ronan advises Phyllis to accept the deal. At the Kansas B&B, Adam and Chelsea tease one another about their traditional wedding and begin to make love. Meanwhile, Victor learns Sharon is not in New York, but that she has gone to Kansas. Sharon informs Adam that she still loves him and asks him to call off the wedding. Adam informs Sharon that Chelsea is his best friend and he plans to marry her.