Episode 508 - Thursday, 28th December 2006
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Brad admits to Paul, Sharon, Nick and J.T. that he told Victor the whole story about his past except about him killing the two men. Victor tells Michael and Nikki that hes canceling his investigation into Brads past. Victoria tells Adrian that she cant chair the museum benefit after all. She will donate a large sum to the museum, but cant loan her familys pieces to the collection. Michael tells the Winters that the DNA test on Carmens earring showed Jacks DNA on it along with Devons. Jack runs into Sharon at the boutique and she tells him shes buying something special to wear for him for their New Years Eve night tonight. Lily comments on the hot shirt Colleen is going to wear to go to her lecture with Professor Korbel. Colleen admits that she wants Korbel to think of her, even though J.T. has been the perfect boyfriend lately. Amber invites Korbel to spend New Years Eve with her at the Colonnade Room. After the lecture, Colleen tries to suggest alone time with Korbel by saying she wants to stay and finish up some work, but Korbel leaves with Amber, leaving Colleen disappointed. At the boutique, Amber gloats that she left the lecture with Adrian. Lily goes to help a customer and Amber notices that Lily received a text from Colleen. She peeks at the message, reading A.K. is driving me nuts! Then, Colleen receives a text from Korbel, saying that he hates to think of her alone at school. Jack arrives at the tack house and brings Phyllis a baby gift. She thanks him and they reminisce about Summers birth in the elevator. They call a truce with each other, saying that it is time they stopped fighting each other and started to work together. Michael tells Jack that his DNA was found on Carmens earring. Nick tells Phyllis the real story behind Sharons kidnapping. Phyllis is shocked that Nick would help cover up a double homicide, and upset that Nick didnt share this secret with her earlier. Michael demands to know why Paul quit the case, and wants to know why he was asking Lauren about it. Paul becomes defensive and leaves after getting in Michaels face. Michael tails Paul in the car, but loses him when he gets stopped at a red light. Paul goes into a nursery. A woman is there with long dark hair and when she turns around, the woman looks just like Phyllis.